Weird Monday!

If this doesn’t weird you out…well…I can’t help you😆


If you have time, look up the interview with the animation artist, Sally Cruikshank, creator of Quasi.  It’s fascinating and, to me, inspiring.

Happy Weird Monday 😉

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  1. I guess I can’t be helped. I didn’t understand it…it reminded me of an episode of the old Star Treks, where they unsuccessfully tried to make humans look like aliens. Help me!

  2. This great stuff
    Not weird to me
    I could watch it all day

  3. Josh Wrenn

     /  January 25, 2016


  4. Weirded out to the max.

  5. Deeply weird…everything moves — it made me wonder if she was on acid.

    • No, she wasn’t on anything but her wonderful mind. I attended the same art school as Sally, and heard a lot about her, but never met her. She was one of those people who was so passionate about her work that she stayed in the studio all the time. Her drug was her art. I don’t know where or if she’s at now. Most of the really good people didn’t use drugs while working, although there was plenty of acid going on around there. I didn’t get stoned at all because I can’t work stoned, and besides I was working in the heavy metals foundry and one slip….!

      • Her work is so detailed and has so many inspirations. Now that I think about it; I wonder if the artist that draws the Simpsons is influenced by her?

        • Certainly, and Sponge Bob in the early days before he became a “star.”

          Animators are a strange bunch (obviously). There’s a lot of cross-pollination, just like in any art genre. Hey, you changed something in your name and now you’re getting moderated again!

  6. I’m just sort of passive about that type of art but there is no denying that she is quite talented.


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