Leftism Absent Morality in Israel | commentary


Background:  Israeli settlers in disputed territories want to become legitimate owners of their land.  There are Palestinians who are willing and wanting to sell or even trade, say, an olive grove for a vineyard.  But Mahmoud Abbas has forbidden that Arabs sell to Jews or Christians, on pain of death.  Still, it happens in secret, because not all Arabs and Jews are enemies, as Western media and extremist Muslim groups like ISIS and the Taliban would have you believe.  We are mostly neighbors, colleagues, and co-workers.  But there is a dictator, and this capsizes the true desire of the common people to live and let live.

This article gives us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes, ferreted out by a settler who infiltrates an Israeli “peace activist” group to see what they really do.  What he discovered is something terrifying.

Please click on the link and read the article for yourselves.

It’s a short read, yet brings to light a hole in the bucket of yet one more hope for peace.

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  1. They don’t want us to know this
    It would seem to me that this does exist
    Great find
    Excellent work

    • You’re right. Correct. The truth rarely makes it into the Western media. It’s all black or white in the American news, and the BBC, and Al Jazeera In English. Westerners never get to hear about people who are quietly living the “One State Solution.” As usual, it is the extremists who are represented as the majority, when nothing could be further from the truth. Honest Reporting.org (.com?) and MEMRI, as well as debkafiles are great sources of “The reality on the ground.”


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