Suicide is NOT a joke

Unbelievable. I wish this was not so believable…please sign the petition, share it, and reblog the original post. We need to get rid of the parasites who prey upon tragedy.

Summer Solstice Musings

Are you ready to be outraged?

Warning: Suicide triggers





Not quite ouraged yet? Keep reading.

Not only someone does sell this t-shirt – and how anyone in their right minds can even think of making such a thing, anyway- but it is found in the funny t-shirts section of a British t-shirt website. The. funny. t-shirt. section.Among t-shirts like these:

Which, granted, are different degrees of funny. Personally, I don’t care for gass-passing jokes or the action itself but I know plenty of people who find both hilarious. Shrug. But I’d definitely wear the first one.

Here’s the path to it:

Home > Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny Images T Shirts > Womens Funny Stick Figures T Shirts

Compare to this one:

Home > Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny T Shirts > Womens Funny Jokes T Shirts >…

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  1. It’s just unexplainable
    What people find acceptable

  2. Hard to believe that anybody would wear that t-shirt.

  3. thanks, i signed the petition too.

  4. Laura, some years back some western designer had painted Ganesh the Hindu Elephant God on lingerie and slippers. Now they may find the idea of worshiping an elephant to be hilarious and foolish but painting them on the slippers and all, isn’t it a mockery of faith of millions of people. Can they do it with some other religion? This remains a million dollar question.

  5. Laura, I am glad you reblogged this…I …I had to scroll quickly past the picture of the T-shirt. After what happened in my family on December 9..I ..I…
    I hope whoever makes these never has to hear their son call them and tell them that they had to …do what my son did. My granddaughter lost her mother…this is not funny in the least. I can’t deal with it, but I am very glad you and the original poster are…xx, CC

    • I had to go back and read through your posts to remember what happened. My God, that t-shirt must have been so triggering for you! What you and your family have been through is a living nightmare that should never, never happen.

      How is everyone? Who’s taking care of the baby?

      Sending you my love and hugs–Laura

      • Thank you, Laura. Everyone is dealing with is in their own way, to be honest. It has been very tough.
        I cannot believe the..I don’t even know the word..for someone who would make a t-shirt like that. As I said..I only hope they never have to deal with something like that themselves.
        My son has the baby. She is doing well. She is one and a half. Thank you for asking and for your love.
        I do appreciate the post..I still deal with this several times a day on my own, in my own way.
        Love back to you, always, CC


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