It’s like being in a maze, where you turn a corner and run right into a brick wall. So you know that that’s not the way, and you turn about and go a different way.

Due to the height of the walls of the maze, it’s impossible to get any perspective on anything. You only know where you are at this point in time and space.

This is not the kind of maze you spend all of your time trying to find your way out of. On the contrary, we are trying to find our way in.

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  1. Quite deep and thoughtful, makes one reflect over it.

  2. I entered a maze forty-one years ago and I am still trying to find my way out. Instead, I built high walls to keep everybody out…but I do realize that while keeping everybody else out, I am keeping myself in. Sadly, that works for me.

    • I relate to that. I have always felt intense discomfort around other humans. My animals have been my friends. That is why, rather than struggle to get out, some of us must come to know that the treasure lies within the maze….

      • Maybe, but sometimes…you just get tired of trying and want to give up. Do you understand? There’s an element of peace that accompanies the surrender. I equate it to people who are starving. After their body consumes the fat, it starts consuming the muscle. After that is gone, it starts consuming their internal organs…but there is a sort of euphoria that is released…so it is almost painless.

        • I think I understand….the peace that some very fortunate people feel before death….I’m still in the searing pain stage. I’d really like that to go away, but the only way out is in.

          • I am still in the pain stage too, but not for missing ole’ Loser. I guess most of it comes from wanting revenge. How and why should somebody be allowed to wreak such havoc on so many lives and get away clean? I just don’t understand.

            • He won’t get away clean. Don’t worry, that’s taken care of by karma or whatever we want to call it. I think the best gift you could give yourself and your children is to let what’s his name hang himself on his own petard. As long as you put your energy into hating him, you are strengthening him, and alienating your son. I’ve made that mistake. I’m stuck with it. I can’t undo my years of trying to explain to my son why his father abandoned him. Now the two of them are as close as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I’m the fly in the ointment, the unwelcome guest. There are some things I’d do differently, if I had it to do over….But I have a hard time staying silent when, at seven years old, my son asks, “Why doesn’t Daddy pay child support?” I guess he must have been listening to a conversation not meant for his ears. But see, even without a lot of Daddy-bashing, there’s a fascination….his dad is a famous scientist and professor, I’m a washed-up disabled doctor…how embarrassing….so that euphoria that comes before death is visible, cloud-like, in the distance….But not yet. I’m not ready to go, not before I work my way, alone, into the center of The Maze

              • He’s already gotten away with it and so has yours. My children know he’s a piece of shit but they blame me and chose him…just like your son.
                I would never and have never stayed silent. It has cost me but I cannot conceive of protecting a scumbag like Loser.
                I wish I could come up with the hilarious, insulting, piercing comments that annasnow makes on my posts. Maybe we should both agree to try to find the center of the maze…for each other.

  3. What a great post
    Just what I need to hear
    Is that why I am lost 90 % of the time
    Cause I can’t figure out
    Which maze I’m in
    I think I’ll just stay that way
    If I’m a innie or an outie

  4. The post is brilliant, and the comments are thought provoking indeed. You mentioned “keeping it within the ditches” when you commented on my post. I cling to the knowledge that Christ can pull me out of the water. Like Peter, I fall in, but I need to keep my eyes up. I take such great comfort in your words always, Laura.

  5. One of the main problems as I see it is that if the walls are built too high, either to keep me out or you in or to keep me in and you out, (Whoever the I and the You are) then it makes it very difficult to reach over the wall and grab some by the hand.

  6. Have you met the labyrinth prayer walks? There’s also “finger” versions available, where you trace the route on a board with your finger. There’s something amazing about being phsysically involved in the prayer.


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