There is a force that hates beauty and light.  We call it simply “the other side.”

It’s pure physics.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The other side hates holiness.  Whenever I express holiness, there is sure to be some kind of pushback.

Fortunately, this time it only came (heaven protect me) in the form of a broken tooth, in a place in my mouth that will require an implant because of the other dicey teeth in the immediate vicinity.  I was eating a potato chip, to honor the holiness of Hanukkah by eating something fried in oil.

Well, it’s off to put on my silk underwear, under my pajamas, because for some reason I have no heat tonight.  Hmmmm.

Eff you, other side.  You may cause me discomfort, but the light will grow anyway.

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  1. sorry you have no heat. hope it comes back soon

    • Eh…it’s because I live in my van. Usually I plug it into a nearby building and then I can run an electric heater. It does have a propane furnace, but that’s also broken. Mind you, this is a 2015 model camper van. Anyway, I washed my down comforter just today, and I have plenty of blankets, so I won’t freeze to death…just an annoyance…the tooth is the big pain in the ass. Hope you feel better, too! xxx

  2. Ouch 😦 I second that send out of a big fat eff you to “the other side”

  3. I always like to say that “correlation does not equal causation.” Sorry about your tooth. Feel better soon!

  4. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  December 10, 2015

    Ouch and double ouch.
    The heat is pretty easy. . You’ve just not driven south far enough 😉 The tooth.. not as easy.
    I believe in karma. You’ve always given me great support in the past and that karma should be catching back up to you soon! 👍

    • Thank you my dear…luckily it’s been in the 40’s (F) at night, so not horrible like you’re probably having right now. I think I’m burning off some karma, so things will either get better (hopefully) or they won’t…in any case, although getting rid of karmic load can be uncomfortable, this is just the annoying kind. I’m glad I’ve been able to do you some good😊

  5. Not much to *like* in this post 😦

    Hope things start to look brighter!

  6. Pure physics or spiritual warfare?

  7. The true light will totally drown out the darkness. No matter what darkness does, it cannot put out the light. Xxx

  8. The same thing happened to me. I had been “running” all day (EMS) and somebody gave me a caramel. My tooth cracked right in half and….the same thing. Implant required. I actually glued it back on for almost five years and then, alas, I swallowed it. Two years later, an implant!

    • Alas…damn teeth. We weren’t designed to live this long, after, like, Noah and all that 😉

      EMS…that’s how I started out (couldn’t stop, like being in a runaway sled down a very steep hill). Of course I had to go into emergency medicine after that, simply because I knew the radio talk….do you still use radios, or is there some new and better mind-meld?

      I had to quit. PTSD got too bad. Do you guys debrief these days?

      • We used Nextels. I don’t know what they use now. We had to go to CISD (critical incident stress debriefing) after a bad call. I was more likely to need it after seeing the folks in a nursing home, sitting there just begging somebody to speak to them.
        My PTSD came from finding out about Loser. I just couldn’t work after that. I really miss it. So many bad calls but the one….the one where you actually make a difference is what makes it worth it.

        • I hear you. When I was younger I used to go to nursing homes and play music for the residents. They loved it so much! They are so lonely…especially the ones who have lost their speech and therefore are treated as if they are imbeciles.

          I’m writing a book about my years as an ER doc. I had to take a break because the next scene I have to write is a nightmare.

          My former husband at least didn’t abuse me the way yours did, but after he started bringing the girlfriends HOME I threw him out. The father of my son. For **some** reason, my son has never really recovered. I’m really sorry your son is having a hard time. Hope he climbs up out of that hole.

          Take care and…take care.


          • Well, Loser DID move his first tramp in with us…I just didn’t know he was screwing her. Was your son mad at his daddy? My children are all mad at ME….I don’t understand it.

            • Sigh….his energy has been so directed at getting his dad’s approval that I’ve been sucking hind tit for the last 25 years…

              • WHY IS THAT? My son would sell his soul for his daddys’ love and approval and he is never going to get it. His daddy is a scumbag and he knows it…just like my daughters know it I was the one who was always there to take care of them, protect them from Loser when he was ready to tear into them and all they care about is HIM! It just pisses me off.Your ex doesn’t deserve to have his sons’ attention or anything else. Maybe some day all of their eyes will magically open.

  9. Hi Laura
    Hope well
    It’s that time of the year that makes me want to hide under the covers
    I don’t do well with the holidays
    I am trying to keep busy
    To stat away from those old tapes
    But circumstance and situations keep piling me back in
    Enough about me
    So how is everything
    As always Sheldon

    • Yeah and it’s impossible to get away from the yak yak yak of the Xmas meeoozzak and where I am right now everybody including convenience store clerks is “Are you raydee fer kreeeassmuss????”

      And I’m thinking, fuck a bunch of kreeeassmuss, I’m Jewish and nobody asked me how much supernal light entered the world during Hanukkah even though I am still an ignorant dolt.

      So instead I grin and say, “YUP! How ’bout YOU?”

      So last night in the Walmart checkout (I needed a small heater since my RV is chronically broken) this exchange happened with the lady behind me, and she says, Law, honey, I got me eleven grandbabies and six great-grands to buy for…

      “To buy for.”

      Wait a minute, I’ve got plenty of frankincense and myrrh if you need it…do y’all think those shepherd dudes bought stuff for baby Jesus at Wal-Mart, fer krissake???


      Well, I keep on repeating like a mantra,
      Dominant culture
      Dominant culture
      Dominant culture

      Like they taught me in Anthropology school.

      Beyond that, I’m dealing with messes right and left, which mostly keep me from getting too worked up about things, except that my son is acting weird and I’m afraid there’s something wrong somewhere.

      Hang in there, my friend. “The Holidays” are an intrusive illusion that go away by themselves if you can manage to distract yourself with something positive for a month or so.

      I’ve been reading furiously, which helps.

  10. Keep doing what your doing and fuck em who are not on your side because you have a right to do what you want without having to deal with the backlash! XX


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