Egyptian TV Host: ISIS Is Israeli-British-American Made, Al-Baghdadi a Jew

Had your daily dose of the absurd yet?  This won’t take long.  I laughed so hard, my coffee went up my nose!.

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  1. That is the most incredible piece of news reporting I have ever seen. How did a silly rumor I that ever get onto TV? I’m not laughing.

    • Welcome to the world of Arab language media! You can watch Al-Jazeera in English all day long and not see anything like this. I watch several Arab-language shows every day. Most of them are normal shows: cooking, which I love because Middle Eastern food is THE BEST, and I have numerous Arab friends who have been kind enough to feed me! However, this particular Egyptian “news anchor” specializes in these absurd sensationalist propaganda shows that I hope no one takes seriously, but then again if you look at the fact that most people take anything they read or see on TV as if it were proven fact, I am afraid there are probably numerous Egyptians who believe this garbage. The fact is that Egypt today finds itself in the avowed cross hairs of the IS. Who to blame? The Jews, of course. It’s no secret that the Jews are behind everything the “caliphate” holds dear: education, culture, critical thinking, democracy….

  2. fatherwmbarrocas

     /  November 20, 2015

    All human absurdity and stupidity have their limits except in the hands of the Absurd and Stupid

  3. Everyone is crazy or lots of people anyway. When I was in the countryside of Brazil, I used to be asked if I wanted to buy Buzzards. There was a rumor that Americans liked them and wanted to take them home with us. Who starts theses silly things?

  4. Uhhh, lack of words. Here’s my best typographical wtf-face instead. O.o

  5. Can you speak and understand Arabic Laura? What is the general atmosphere in Israel? My cousin was posted in US peacekeeping force and he and his wife stayed at Golan Heights. They became v fond of this place. There were Indians too, who had migrated to Israel. They said the people are v hospitable and nice and except the disturbed region there seems to be no animosity between Israelis and Palestinians.

    • I do understand some Arabic. A good deal of my Master’s Degree in Anthropology was taken up with Linguistics courses. Since both Hebrew and Arabic are in the Semitic language group, we share the same structure, along with many words that might be pronounced a bit differently but are essentially the same. The script is very different, but I’m beginning to parse that out and realizing that Arabic script shares a great deal with a very ancient form of Hebrew, which makes sense given the relationship between the original tribes. Arabic is not a Muslim tongue although most of the people who speak Arabic are Muslims.

      There have been times of relative peace in The Land, sometimes lasting a few years. When there is peace, we are like neighbors, and we go to each other’s weddings and funerals, etc. Unfortunately this new global jihad thing has infected the young Arabs with the rhetoric taken from one line in the Koran that exhorts the bushes and rocks to “out” the Jews hiding behind them so that the Jews can all be killed.

      More shocking than this is that the written code of both Fatah and Hamas calls for the extermination of the Jews, but the UN turns a blind eye to their open intent of ethnic cleansing.

      There is a tribe of Jews from India who are called B’nei Menasheh, mostly from Kochi, but also from other areas of India where they were made unwelcome either by the Christians or by the Ottoman Empire. They were rescued by Israel (what remains of them) and now live in Hebron, for the most part. The Port of Cochin was developed by Jewish traders, and at one time had a population of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Now it has a couple of hundred at the most, and the great Synagogue of Cochin is now a museum.

  6. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  November 21, 2015

    I only recently tried to at least learn the basic background of the situation in that area. Not the day to day, but who each player was in the game and their strategy for winning.
    It wasn’t as hard as I had expected, however still wondering how there can be so much hatred towards Israel? Seems they have been extremely reasonable but all the other players just want them removed from the game entirely.
    This video was absurd. Crazy even. We created these nutballs? Ooook.

    • I’m glad you’re taking the time to educate yourself! Most people just rely on NPR (“Land-grabbing Israelis!). I think **cringe** Fox News has the Middle East news better figured out, because they rely on, well, reliable sources, but since the rest of their reporting reminds me of the Egyptian “reporter” here, I can’t stand to watch it. Actually I don’t watch TV at all. I read online sources. I was just exposed to Fox a few days ago when I was camping at a place that had a sort of canteen, with a seating area and a TV, so I stopped by to get a dose of Fox and an earful of Evangelizing from the other occupants of the place. “Really?” I said. “Is that so!?”


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