Article: The FDA finally approved ‘Frankenfish’ — the first genetically modified animal you can eat

“The FDA finally approved ‘Frankenfish’ — the first genetically modified animal you can eat”

And you thought GMO soybeans were scary?

This article should have come out on Halloween.

I’m just speculating here, but if I wanted to make a fish that grew hugely bigger in a much smaller time than its normal cohorts, I would increase its secretion of growth hormone.

But wait: the article states that the fish are sterile.  They can’t reproduce, or so they say.  So does that mean that each fish is the subject of generic tweaking?  Sounds expensive to me.  Since the driving force behind more-for-less is money, I doubt that there is an army of experts injecting fish fry with modified DNA.  (The baby fish kind of fry, not the kind with hushpuppies.)

And what about the fact that the US won’t even allow these mega fish to be cultured in the States, but only imported from two specific sites in Canada and Panama?

And what about the article’s statement that the water in which the fish are grown must be carefully contained so that it doesn’t reach the oceans and contaminate wild fish?  This implies that there’s something in the water that is causing these fish to grow huge in a short time.  I vote for growth hormone.

Now we come to the really scary part:  since the FDA has declared these modified fish to be identical with wild-type salmon, there is no mandate to label it as GMO.

I find this terrifying on a number of levels.

One is that the FDA is scared enough about the safety of growing these monsters using the methods proposed, that it outright bans the type of aquaculture that it’s permitting us to eat products thereof.

The second is that our children are already experiencing puberty at younger and younger ages.  Where 30 years ago the average age of puberty for a girl was 12, now it’s not uncommon for a girl to have her first menstrual period at 8, in certain ethnic groups, and 10 overall.  There is evidence that this is caused by hormones used to beef up food animals and to increase milk production in dairy cows.  How do we know what the long term effects of whatever they’re putting in these fishes’ water might be on growing humans?  We won’t know for at least another generation.

The third is that since there is no labeling requirement, we have no way of knowing what we’re eating.  I’m hoping the giant fish will look different, at least.

Damn, I bought a piece of salmon at Whole Foods yesterday.  It was from a very small fish, though.  I’ll eat it anyway.

But I think this will be the last “regular” salmon I eat.  Maybe Coho, or….maybe goodbye, farmed fish.  It was such a good idea.  Aquaculture was supposed to have saved the world’s food supply.  Instead, I believe we’re headed in the opposite direction.

Lentils.  I don’t think they’ve messed with lentils yet.

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  1. I stopped eating tuna and shrimp about 5 years ago (think Gulf Oil spill), even though I love them. (Not that I could afford shrimp that often.)

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  November 20, 2015

    Gesh. What’s next? I think there are over 60 countries that have deemed GMO food crappy for its citizens, but here goes our government, running into the fire, not caring a rat’s genetically modified ass about us. So sad. Kinda glad I don’t like salmon. ..
    Can I reblog this?

    • Please do! I haven’t really jumped on the GMO bandwagon until I saw this. I’ll ask my geneticist son about this business of single-generation modification, and whether I am all wet about my thought process. But regardless of how it’s done, this is SO sci-fi. H.G. Wells foresaw this in his 1904 “Food of the Gods (and how it came to Earth).” I wasn’t SO freaked out about modifying soybeans to be more disease resistant and productive. A bit quicker than crossbreeding, is all I thought about THAT. And I don’t know whether GMO plant seed is reproductive, do you? But making animals, or even vegetables, grow large and fast…

      • Midwestern Plant Girl

         /  November 21, 2015

        GMO is a broad term for anything that is, well, genetically modified! Some seeds are not reproductive, some are. Like in the case of a Monster-santo field of corn grown next to an organic cornfield. The downwind farmer (say organic) gets his wind pollinated corn tested and it has the same genetics as the GMO corn next door. .. Monster-santo then sues organic farmer for stealing patents. Doh!
        Many times the seed has Roundup in it! Who wants to eat that?
        And now you want to feed us GMO fish?! No worries .. it only grows 2x faster than normal. Maybe if I eat it, my boobs will double also! 😂
        I’d love to hear what your son says.

  3. Mechanically separated chicken

  4. India is against GMO and we have a strict NO GMO Policy. Cancer and neurological diseases are common to west from a long time and since the time we have started aping west blindlessly, we have had a drastic increase in such cases too.

    Why do people become violent these days? Why are we so prone to depression? Why are so many infertility centres operating in the world? In Southern India ,women used to deliver normal till 55. In conditions and care that would make a western woman faint. The more you tamper Nature, the more you are destroying yourself.

    This is the harsh lesson we all need to understand.

  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  November 21, 2015

    Reblogged this on Midwestern Plants and commented:
    I am glad I don’t like salmon! However, this is surely just the beginning…

  6. I think I’ve eaten my last piece of salmon. I can get my mind around lentils. 🙂

    • Yeah, dal and rice is very nice…just be sure to check for rocks in the lentils before cooking, to avoid an emergency trip to the dentist! Better than waking up one morning sporting a new set of fins 🐡

  7. I wish I become a global speaker …………….

  8. I’m visiting from Midwestern Plant Girl, and I was horrified when I heard that this modified fish had been approved. That wasn’t the part that bothered me the most … it was the decision that no labelling would be required.
    Our food supply has become so compromised, in truth we really don’t know what we’re eating or drinking anymore.

    • I know, it’s scary, isn’t it? There is one encouraging response to this whole food supply cloak and dagger thing, and that is the “buy local” movement. I totally support that. I’m hoping that the industrialized food production market will fuel the growth of sustainable agriculture. Thanks for visiting! Hope to see more of you!

      • Maybe it’s because I live in an ethnic neighbourhood, but I’m also seeing an increase in the number of backyard gardens. Lawns are being chewed up into vegetable patches.
        I would love dearly to fill in our backyard pool and have a garden, but Husband doesn’t share my enthusiasm. Maybe he sees himself bearing the brunt of the work 😉

  9. Time to eat only food we grow ourselves I think… eep!


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