The Knife Intifada Video

Yup, you’re right.  I don’t drag politics into my blog, because my blog is about living with mental illness, and I hold to that.

However, there is something going on in the world that can no longer be ignored, pushed off as a one-off, or justified by other actions.

Rather than waste more of your time, I ask you to watch what’s going on here, and regardless of your political position, ask yourself, “what does this mean for ME, as a human being, and for the world?  Do I believe in genocide for any reason?  Who is the people who are marked for genocide here?  Are they a numerous people?  Is genocide condoned by the UN?”

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  1. Too complex a situation to even begin to comment. There are definitely people who would like to commit genocide, however, it is not representative of the whole of the people who live there, nor is there any threat of genocide from them. Unfortunately, there is the threat and reality of innocent deaths, but a genocide would take a lot more than the competing factions in the West Bank with knives.
    I will say that any moral high ground the Palestinians may have gained at some point is being squandered.

    • Unfortunately, the threats of genocide are not limited to the Land itself. If you keep abreast of the happenings in Europe, South America, Boston, etc., it’s not “just” the Jewish People who are on the list. We happen to be tidily rounded up there, but we are just the beginning.

      The only people who can save the world from another global war is the Muslim People who truly want a world of peace and tolerance. Muslims almost outnumber Christians in terms of demographics. If Muslims who want peace by way of peace well please take action to stop this welling-up of hate, there might be a chance. The war of hatred is not only against Jews–that is tiny compared with the Muslim-on-Muslim hate in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, just getting started. I don’t condone violence of any kind against anyone.

      • Agreed. I think that is what I was getting at because genocide is the attempt extermination of a culture, racial construct, or religion. The violence currently in all areas for many different reasons spans across those lines and won’t result in the destruction or even majority destruction of an entire people…no matter how much some may wish it would.

        • Yes…And whether or not it is possible to do, to have people like Abu Mazen ( Mamoud Abas) declare that the Jews were gathered in the Land so that they could be wiped out, is not something we (meaning EVERYONE) should take lightly. It is a replay of what happened in the run-up to Hitler’s “final solution.” It seemed so extreme that no one, including my people, could believe that any such thing could possibly happen. But it did. So now, when people in places of power say things like “we will kill every Jew in all their places” (said frequently by people in high places, rarely heard by Westerners), we should listen to them, because they mean it. Did you know that there are orders of magnitude more Sikhs in the world than Jews? Did you know that the Baha’i Temple was rebuilt in Haifa after the Baha’i were driven out of Iran after the fall of the Shah? Did you know that very few Christians remain in Bethlehem and Nazareth, because they have been killed and driven out?

          • Yes. I do. But…Hitler had unchecked power. These people do not. They kill and harm, but they can’t inflict that kind of suffering. Not to say it shouldn’t be countered, just to say you’re not feeling with a heavily weaponized world power.

            • Well… This is, for now, guerrilla warfare, but Iran just unveiled a ground-to-ground long range missile, and Russia backs Iran. So you have to look beyond the Middle East. And then there’s the issue of Saudi Arabia, and the problem of IS now occupying Sinai, which is not a small place at all. You have to see things on a global scale. England, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and of course the U.S., which has not really begun to feel the sting. The English press doesn’t get this. In order to understand the magnitude of the threat, one either has to read Arabic or rely on a known and trusted translator like MEMRI. I hope you’re right, Josh. I hope it’s a tempest in a teakettle. Locally, though, our children are being slaughtered in their beds, in the backyard, riding in the car…And the Western press never hears about it, or if they do it’s on the back page. Not to mention the thousands of Syrian refugees turned away only to perish in the sea or at the hands of their enemies, the Afghan hospital bombed by the U.S.(!), daily suicide bombers in Iraq (Sunni vs Shi’a, how depressing), etc etc it’s like we’re back in the stone age except with explosives. Beam me up, Scotty!

              • Yeah, but stupid geopolitical killings at the behest of world powers using religion and nationalism as a tool to get the poor to fight their battles is a constant throughout history. Some periods are worse than others. Russia won’t let Iran fire missles, and even Iran had toned down its rhetoric somewhat since that last guy they had in there. Those in power want a certain balance between chaos in the places they are worker, and stability where they run things with an iron fist. So you’ll see some areas devolve, and others strengthen. The balance is what shifts. It is disgusting that innocents are killed when the governments, the clerics, and the attention seekers remain sheltered to continue to incite.

  2. Life is too much these days
    And it’s cost is less and less
    Being human hasn’t any worth as it once did
    Just as an animal doesn’t either
    We are all just a flush away from the toilet
    If there is any decency left then we need to take a step back before the handle is pulled
    The Sheldon Perspective

  3. I hope you don’t slap me. ..
    I’m not completely daft of what’s going on outside of my island, however I also can’t handle emotionally what people do to each other. I watched the video, but got lost a lot. Granted, I get it. Knife everyone that is against muslims. Jews are bad, according to the video.
    Does this make me angry? Absolutely! I don’t understand how these muslims can say they are going to kill us and then want us to be tolerant of them in the U.S.
    Shake my head.

  4. Hello Laura,
    I watched the entire video with aloofness and objectivity. I now refused to be disturbed by such things. My own country suffers from this drama. Some people are being exploited in the name of religion and they do not realize this. Yes there are actual sufferers too but most of the time it is an illusionary threat or fear. They can create storm in a tea cup but nothing more than that.

  5. I feel sick. Cannot watch entire video. Know US moderate Muslims who wouldn’t agree with video – with killing in name of Allah.

    • These moderate Muslims need to start standing up to the jihadists. They are the only ones who can stem the tide of violence that is spreading like wildfire over the entire world.


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