Oh Nooooooo!

I just fucked up.  Severely.  I am going to have a very bad night. 

I know this because I have made this mistake before.  It has lead to Very Bad Nights.

Oh well, what’s a bad night?  I’ve had them before.


I took my morning meds at bedtime.

Yes.  I just took 200 mg of Lamictal.

It makes me hyper, even in the daytime, which is one of its good points.  In the daytime.

If taken at night…I don’t sleep.  I’m busy hallucinating instead.


So, to try to counter the bad effects, I took two milligrams of lorazepam, and half a mg of clonazepam.  Benzos are what we give people who are hallucinating from bad drugs.  I hope it works.

I’ve had bad nights before.

Better than taking my bedtime meds in the morning, which makes me feel like I’m in a carnival “fun house” (not fun at all).

Wish me luck.

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  1. Dislike button needed. 😦 Good luck!

  2. Oh No!!! Agree, dislike button needed!😩

  3. Josh Wrenn

     /  October 21, 2015

    Best of luck! I’m fighting caffeine too late, I could only imagine what meds would do.

  4. Hello , that is something which should be avoided anyway what is done cannot be undone. I hope you are more careful now.

    I was busy as apart from the office, this is festive season in India. Today is the eight day of Navratri , the festival for the Mother Goddess. Then is Dusshera, the day when Ravan was killed by Lord Ram.

    Sanskar is our mental conditioning stronger than our habits which we carry from previous lives, parents, environment and experiences. It is said that past lives sanskars are most difficult to break coz we are not aware that we are carrying them from previous lives. If suppose someone’s parents are confident people and his upbringing was good enough still he has an anxious and insecure personality that means at the time of his death when that soul left the previous body, it carried a deep sanskar of anxiety and insecurity.

    Meditation helps to cut these. We should only be realized and aware enough which sanskars are acting against our growth. I hope i answered your question well enough.

    Take care

    God bless you

    • Ah HA! That’s is something Dr. Sundar explained to me, but didn’t use the word. He is used to dealing with Westerners. Also the Jyotish astrologer that Dr. Sundar got for me told me something very helpful in relation to that.

      Happy Holidays–try to breathe and relax your jaw muscles. Is Diwali part of this string of holidays, or will it come later? Is there a lot of work–cleaning and such–associated with your Holidays? Food, of course. Always food, unless it is a fast….
      Keep right-side-up.

      • Yes Diwali is 20 days down the line. There is lot of cleaning, buying, food and visiting relatives and friends associated and the urban world has few holidays.

        Nice to know about your association with Dr Sundar. Did the predictions amde by that fellow astrologer came to be true?

        • So far, yes. He explained my lack of success in finding a mate, which was very helpful. Since I am paying a karmic debt, I will not have one in this life. So I stopped being worried about it, and that settled my mind. Otherwise, he made predictions about my health that were not so happy, and I did ask about when I would die, and was pleased to know that I would not have long life, which is good. He said I have one more life to go, after this one, and it would be a pleasant last life, because of the suffering of this one. I hope he’s right!

  5. Just try to ride it out
    Sending lite and love
    As always Sheldon

  6. Eeep!!! Still, you survived. Xxx

  7. This is astonishing. We do not meet such knowledgeable people in our life. South India is full of real and wise people.

    Regarding your prediction, well sometimes I really feel that only if we would know that what consequences our action are going to bring, we would be careful but then dont we all know that law of karma is one brutal force which has no discretion still we behave s if there is no tomorrow.

    Maya (illusion ) makes the world go mad.

    Blessings to you

    • Yes, Dr. Sundar brought this very high level Jyotish astrologer in from somewhere, I had to collect ten people for him to come. I met some of the most important people in this lifetime in South India. Part of me wants to live out the last part of this life in Dr. Sundar’s compound in Wellington. Although the astrologer told me I would be ill those last years, and why not, it would be such a comfort. If we didn’t have Maya most people would go crazy because knowing the stark truth is too much for the normal human to contain.

  8. I’m a little late getting to this one, but I hope the concoction of benzos did the trick!


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