Paralyzed Patient Uses Brain-Computer Interface to Walk

Let’s hope we see spine-injured people leaving their hospital beds, learning to walk in a new way…But maybe not exactly like this…

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  1. Ehhh, sorry that the Medscape link doesn’t take you to the article. Scientists have developed a system using the brainwaves of a spinal cord injured person, such that the person simply thinks about walking, and an electronic interface sends signals to the legs to start walking. It’s a great start to what will certainly become the way of the future, that spinal cord injury will not sentence people to wheelchairs!

  2. Apparently, I’m a subscriber, but am having trouble logging in. Some other time, perhaps. Hope all is well with you. I’m taking it as it comes.

    • I hate those WP glitches. Happens to me all the time.

      • I mean I’m a subscriber to Medscape, but whatever. Just checked my email and reset my Medscape password. Hate passwords. I even use Lastpass to save them. Still have a hell of a time. Lastpass recommends randomly generated passwords (the program will do it for you). But, really, who cares what my password to Medscape is.

        • Oh, Medscape. Yeah, that’s also a problem. It irks me that they are so tight-assed about access, as if it’s such an elite club. I really want to be able to share and discuss articles on my blog without readers having to jump through hoops. Meh.

          • When I spent $35 on a journal article (not Medscape) about ALPIM (Anxiety-Laxity-Pain-Immune-Mood) syndrome, I published a link to it on my site at

            • Good that you got it as a .pdf! I guess after you pay for those articles you own that one, yes?

            • I will definitely read this one after I wake up a little more. I had a very weird and restless (literally) night, woke up with my bed looking like somebody fought a war in it

              • Take care. I’ve been going through a rough patch myself. Medication mishaps. Three times in one week forgot to take divalproex at night. First time didn’t notice until the next evening, so couldn’t double up my dose. Next two times, noticed next morning, so took doses in AM. Yes, I use weekly pill boxes. Now I scheduled reminders in my phone. One of my readers is sending me a 4-week pill organizer Who knows, it may help? Or not.

                • Oh no. I can really relate to this. I have on several occasions taken my morning meds at night, which results in NO sleep, or my nighttime meds in the morning, which results in a bad trip…like being in a carnival “fun house” complete with moving floors and warped mirrors…gotta wonder what this stuff is REALLY doing to my brain…But so far it has kept me on the planet…

                • Oh no. I can really relate to this. I have had numerous med wrecks, ugh…


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