Just Stop

Josh has hit the nail on the head. He has put words to the thoughts that rage through my brain every time one of these horrible massacres occurs, and the press and its hand-picked interviewees start up the old saw: “Mentally ill..he must have been mentally ill…”

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  1. Very powerful- thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t think we do people with mental illness any favors by ignoring the fact that some people have illnesses that affect impulse control and thus increases violence potential but I will say this: the people who have these illnesses and do become violent are not the ones responsible for the tragedies that happen. The worst violence against people with mental illnesses is the ridiculous lack of access to proper treatment. It is true that people with mental illnesses are not the primary source of the violence we see. But some of them are and those who do lose control are condemned to lives of utter misery after the bleeding has stopped. A misery that we know how to prevent as a culture and that we choose not to prevent. So the next time the news reports that a person with a ‘history’ of mental illness became violent we should know that the real perps are those of us who let the agony on our streets and in our communities drag on year after year and do nothing.


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