And You Think You Know What Weird Looks Like?

Guffaw, guffaw

Just get a load of Quasi, Anita, and vRollo, and don’t forget to check your weird meters. 😨

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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  September 27, 2015

    Errr, you’ve been watching some strange TV lately, girly!
    How are you? How is Atina?

    • Heh heh, I believe it’s Ms. Cruikshank who’s been watching strange TV…there’s a great documentary on her and her work somewhere on YouTube. She has always been kinda one of my artist heroes. Atina is postop day 3 and just starting to figure out that something happened. Yesterday all she wanted to do was play with other dogs and chase the local wildlife. Of course I wouldn’t let her, but she got herself all sore trying. I believe we will have a nice quiet day at home today! I’m good, anxious to get the hell out of this crowded campground. Headed for one of the only state parks that isn’t likely to get snowed in, in a couple of days. Sheesh, this state is all high altitude, at least the interesting parts. I love it! How are you doing, yourself? What do you do after all the plants go to sleep?

      • Midwestern Plant Girl

         /  September 27, 2015

        I’m glad to hear Atina is doing ok! I’ll be in Denver in 4 days.. so much anxiety. Sad our bodies can’t tell the difference of good and bad anxiety. My belly hurts. 😯 Otherwise, I’m in great spirits! I’m always ahead of schedule, so far so good. Buddy gets married next Sunday. I’m officiating!

        • Oh wow!!!! That’s so exciting! I didn’t know you’re a wedding officiant. Any chance of crossing paths while you’re on the Front Range? I think I might be on my way to Trinidad by that time, but thankfully I’m highly mobile.

          Meanwhile, my personal remedy for nervous stomach is a tisane of fennel seed, peppermint, and chamomile. My Ayurvedic doctor says Do Not Heat Honey (because there are proteins in honey that get denatured when heated and become carcinogenic,), so I use a couple drops of stevia if sweetening is desired. This works most of the time…I have a tincture of cannabis and fennel that I made for the purpose, and it works the rest of the time. Does not “get you high” because it is mostly CBD. I LOVE kitchen chemistry!

  2. Umm…Yellow Submarine on Acid?

    I love the National Vegetable Convention


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