Aw Nuts!

Everything sucks.  Everything is fighting me!  Words!  Appointments cancelled!   Physical illness!  Ultra-rapid cycling!  Feel like shit!  Dog has been in fucking heat for two weeks and can’t understand that I don’t have what she wants!  Stuck in this stupid RV park with a bunch of stuck up assholes (except for one or two, who have real jobs and I don’t)!  Waiting for things to happen and nothing is happening!  Brain rebelling!  Body rebelling!

AW, NUTS!!!!

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  1. Laura, Clicking the like button was only to acknowledge your post, not to like it. Sorry for your trials…and challenges. Good thoughts & energy for a better day. Chryssa

  2. I’m with C.E., I liked the post but I’m sad that you’re experiencing such trying times. You’re doing a very good job of humor through adversity. What you wrote is funny, but you aren’t hiding your feelings, which is good. And I love the cartoon! How in the world did you find it?

    • Well, to tell you the truth I was looking for a 3 Stooges episode where Larry says “Aw, nuts!” But I couldn’t find it, and ended up watching several extremely stupid Stooges episodes before realizing that early Mickey Mouse cartoons are full of Mickey doing the **snap** Aw, nuts! thing. But you know how YouTube is….it served me up this great sight gag that I couldn’t resist! And that’s the truth-th😉


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