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First there was Gen X.  Now there’s Gen Y.  What will happen after Gen Z?  Will everything go poof?  Will the clock turn over to “A”?  Or will it be, like, Z¹, Z², etc.?

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  1. There isn’t actually a Y. They talked of it as Gen Xers were growing up, but now anyone born after 1980 is considered the Millennial Generation.

    I mean, it’s not like there was even an A through W. 😉

    • Hi Ruby! Nice to know you’re reading 🙂 Actually I read the term “Gen Y” in USA Today, today, as I was waiting for my dog to have yet another test. Then, as things so often happen, I heard it on CNN. That’s what put the thought into my head.

  2. Maybe we start with the Greek letters? idk. I’m somewhere around the younger end of the dread millennial generation. lol

  3. This is an amazing article on Gen Y entrepreneurs! http://flip.it/Cdqy2

  4. Thank you for visiting
    And all your kind words
    Have a great weekend
    As always Sheldon

  5. Maybe they’ll go like AA, BB, CC, etc? Only maybe they’ll skip AA as it’ll confuse people because of the existence of the Automobile Association and also Alcoholics Anonymous.


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