Jeekers Crow

I feel like shite.  Part of it is the heat.  My bodymind does not do heat.  We run too hot anyway.  Have a tendency to boil over.  Don’t take the cap offa that radiator, darlin, you’re likely to get a gush of superheated water in your face!

Heat exhausts me, makes me grumpy and short tempered.  Even my service dog, whose job is to take care of me when things get weird–I crossly sent her off to her bed.  She keeps looking at me with big brown downcast eyes.  I feel for her, but not enough to invite her into my bed, directly under the air conditioner, which I normally can’t stand but I’m overheated and got to chill.  Literally.

Worse, my box of Rice Chex ® is staring me in the face.  The reverse side is staring at me, with this picture of people hysterically enjoying themselves, ostensibly because they ate Rice Chex®.  The woman is giving one of those huge open-mouth things that I think is supposed to be a smile.  These seem very much in vogue these days.  You know what?  First of all, no one ever really smiles like that.  Plus, the sight of someone’s tonsils makes me gag.  Yes, even if I’m gagging them on purpose so I can see whether it’s mono or strep, I gag right along with them.  Believe me, there are few other things in the body I’d rather not see.  Okay, hairy assholes dripping pus.  Right?  You wouldn’t want to see that either, unless you’re way, way off the charts.

See I told you I was out of sorts because of the heat.

Gotta go, my dog needs to “go out.”

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  1. I have the same problem with the heat, especially since menopause. It can turn me into a grouch faster than just about anything! I’ve read that some of my meds can cause sensitivity to heat. It’s probably that and a combination of other things as well.
    Since I don’t have my own transportation, getting to therapy & psych appointments in the summer is sheer hell. The trains and buses are nice and cool, but the walking isn’t!

    • Bummer. I take the hormones, because getting up four or five times a night to change the towels I laid on, to keep from having to change the sheets. Learned that the hard way. I don’t have most of the risk factors associated with estrogen, and in fact my blood doesn’t clot properly, so I don’t worry much about blood clots…Even if I did have risks, I’d take them, because the hot flashes and night sweats were making me suicidal anyway. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

      This is a different kind of hot. It’s my constitution. I run hot. And dry. I love dry cold, like Utah in the winter. Winter sports, yay! Not that I can do any of them anymore, between the spine and the arthritis. Meh. Well, I am going to try snowshoeing again this winter, and see if I can accomplish it by using the poles only for balance, not propulsion. Hope you get cooled off soon!

  2. I like cold weather, but dislike it dry because everything I touch that is metal shocks me! I am not sure why I seem to get shocked more than other people I know, but I’m fairly certain that it wasn’t that way 15+ years ago before I started antipsychotics. And the ECT probably didn’t help either. 😀

    • Hmmmm…..maybe the ECT changed the polarity of your cells…not supposed to happen, but then I’m known for my paranoia….

      • Interesting idea!

      • Hey Laura I am sorry to hear that the heat has gotten to you
        Also I just wanted to let you know there is more of my art work on my site for you to look at
        You need to noodle around to find it
        Not feeling real good today
        Almost in tears as a matter of fact to many Dr yesterday
        I went to see this crazy chiropractor yesterday
        It scare the bejesse out of me

        • Mmmmmm….chiropractors…..I can’t go near ’em, my spine is so brittle they would make me a quadriplegic. But I know people who swear by ’em, so what’s good for the goose may or may not be good for the gander….

  3. I feel ya on the heat. Especially when the humidity is just godawful. Two kids are draining enough!

  4. Ooh yuk on the whole assholes thing…


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