The Secret Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

You need to know about this.  In fact, everyone needs to know about this.  It’s a travesty, a crime against humanity itself.  So why does the world turn its back on the truly horrible situations of Palestinian Arabs who have been maltreated, some in truly ghastly ways, within Arab countries?  The numbers of the killed and totally disenfranchised are chilling.  And by the way, this is no secret to those who live in the Middle East.  We have been trying to bring it to the attention of the U.N. without success, because it’s much more politically correct to point the finger at Jews than to undress the emperors, these Arab countries who are committing wholesale genocide while the world shakes its finger at Israel.


The Secret Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians.

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  1. Ugh, so awful!

  2. All we have is our Holy Torah. See Savyatseventy.

  3. Whenever the United States steps into something the rest of the world smells what’s on our feet

  4. Laura, Pleasure seeing this article coming from you.
    Its a perfect example of two monkeys fighting and a cat taking advantage. India and Pakistan is another such couple. Time has come to look beyond the past and move on.

    Love and light

  5. This is an awful situation that resembles children fighting on a playground. So juvenile. Yet horrible things are happening and the sanitized media does nothing to help increase awareness.

    • Ugh…I can’t for the life of me find any parallels here with “children fighting on a playground.” We are talking about a whole population of Arabs who have been rejected by their own people for one, and only one, reason–they left their countries of origin to find jobs in Israel. Which they did, and the ones that stayed in Israel and became Israeli citizens have all the rights and benefits that any Israeli citizen has: free education, including University, healthcare, Social Security, unemployment benefits, political parties, seats in the Parliament, freedom of speech…all the freedoms and benefits of a semi-Socialist Democracy, rights and freedoms they certainly don’t have in their countries of origin of several decades ago: Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Jordan, Iraq. No playground here, just horror. And Israel, who has done more for these people than any other country, is demonized. Just listen to Amy Goodman on NPR, or anyone on the BBC, and you’ll hear all about evil Israel. But you don’t hear about the virtual concentration camps in Lebanon and Syria, or the fact that Egypt refused and still refuses to allow the “Palestinians” that stayed in Gaza after it became part of Israel, to return to Egypt, on NPR. You won’t hear about the Jordanians who decided to stay in Israel, who desperately want to return to Jordan because life under the PLO is not so much fun anymore, people whose spouses and families have Jordanian passports, and yet these “Palestinians” are refused the right to return to Jordan. Why? I don’t know. Ask the Jordanians and the PLO.

      Nope. No playground games. Lives at stake, lives lost, destroyed. Children educated to believe that the best possible thing to be when or if you grow up, is a shaheed (martyr, applied to suicide bombers most often). Mothers making YouTube videos shouting that the best possible thing her sons and daughters could do to bring honor to her, is to be a shaheed!

      Golda Meir once said that when the Arabs love their children more than they love death, then there will be peace. I agree, and would add that when they love each other enough to stop blowing each other up, then maybe they’ll enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee together, just as I do with my Jordanian “Palestinian” friends, and go to work, and to school, and to weddings, graduations, and funerals…And kind of, sort of, sneak into the 21st Century, C.E.

      • The children on playground reference was more to the futility of this war than a minimization of its ramifications. And I don’t think Arabs fundamentally enjoy violence at disproportionate rates to other cultures. The undercurrent of such a conflict goes far beyond when any one people could love or hate. What has happened to the Palestinian people is disgraceful, absolutely. I am well-versed in the history of suicide bombers and what creates such scenarios. To suggest such a far-reaching conflict is about Arabs blowing each other up or a global determination to scapegoat Israelites seems to miss a whole lot. I admire your passion and dedication to this topic and I’m glad we’re even talking about this!

      • Also, I would never advise anyone to get any accurate information about global issues from such outlets as NPR or BBC. There is such a clear agenda coming from these sources that is far from unbiased or what can respectfully called “investigative journalism”.


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