Enemies: Quote From Winston Churchill, And My Thoughts Upon It

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. –

-Winston Churchill

Good one for this time. Yes, I have enemies. I have people who think I’m stupid. In my experience, that usually means that they are either jealous, ignorant, mean, or just plain stupid themselves.

I’ve seen stupid people. Those are people who refuse to open their eyes to evidence that’s right before their faces, or who keep on doing the same ineffective or maladaptive thing over and over again, and getting more and more pissed off because it STILL isn’t working. Well then.

I have to be on the lookout for these behaviours in myself, more than ever, because the one thing we, or I, anyway, never want to cop to is that we might be acting stupid.

I say ACTING stupid because there is always a choice. Most people aren’t inherently stupid; it’s just easier to revert to deeply embedded ways of squaring off with people or situations that challenge the status quo.

Or, a person develops a persona, and that is the face he presents to the world, rather like a puppet or automaton. So instead of actually engaging with the world from a novel point of view each and every time, it’s easier and much more comfortable to let the persona, which is seamless and in fact homogeneous, handle the situation the way it normally would.

That way you don’t fall into the trap of independent thinking, ch’v’sh. (“Heaven forbid.”)

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  1. Short, sweet and right on. Enemies pop up every time I open my mouth or type a thought. And you’re right. I’m not inherently stupid but I sometimes say stupid things. Others are the same. Somehow that gives me hope. Change is possible and in a way inevitable.

    • It is, and only because your eyes are open to it. But some people prefer to insist that the evidence is wrong, even though the same thing keeps happening over and over again. I get stuck in that pattern more often than I would like to admit, and rather than opening my eyes I squeeze them tighter shut! Now THAT’S my “stupid self” saying no, no, no! I don’t want growing pains, I’d rather be a robot! But that’s just stupid. Sigh.

  2. Nancy Pace

     /  July 1, 2015

    RE: ch’v’sh. What does this mean?

    RE: enemies. Somewhere in the middle, for me, between DANGEROUS PEOPLE and injurious people who themselves are hurting, are: people who are asking for my help (or trying to help me.) Or something. It sounds like you are hurting. Thank you, and I hope you feel less attacked soon. You are a wonderful person, Laura, and you probably act or speak stupidly at times, like the rest of humanity, and that’s OK. And forgivable. And forgettable, because people mostly judge based on present interactions, not past ones. And your present interactions are so often lovely. 🙂

  3. The Grundlands

     /  July 1, 2015

    So totally relate to this post! Love you Liebe. xo

  4. Laura, I cannot imagine anyone thinking you’re stupid.

    • Quote from Laura P. Schulman:

      “The world is up to its ass inn assholes.”

      Unfortunately, the dog and horse worlds are absolutely filled with the above classification of humans. Thankfully, MOST but not all of the animals escape landing in that category. I know when I’m “outclassed and outcast,” luckily; and at last I don’t take it personally. Oh well, I believe I’ve learned what I need to learn from these chuckleheads, so let them live and be well, and I’m out of here!

  5. When people see something or someone they don’t understand they usually speak
    Point is this usually happens to all of us
    If you can step back and think before…..
    This is a hard lesson to learn
    As always Sheldon

  6. Good post and a lot of excellent commentary. I love the Churchill quote. Was that generation smarter and more principled or am I just acting stupid in thinking it was.

  7. Hi Laura,

    I feel some people are born stupid and few of them die stupid too. There was a time when I thought struggle and circumstances impart wisdom to people but no some people remain foolish no matter how much they suffer.

    Hope you and Noga are doing well.

    • That’s true also. I hadn’t thought of it in that way, but you’ve brought to mind so many of the people I’ve tried to help and all they seem to be able to say is, “But, but, but…” And I finally realize that they are attached to their condition, because it’s what they know, and they would rather be sick than change…That is a very frustrating situation for me, because I might see the very solution right there, and it wouldn’t be so hard for them really, but they see it so and therefore I have to try really hard to be compassionate and not judge…which is a real test for me too. So of course I am also a very imperfect creature!


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