Been there…..It’s been a rough go for both mange and my now-adult child, but it helped me understand how people with lesser inner resources could, in a flash of desperation, hurt either their child and/or themselves. All of that outside chatter, plus no supportive family, makes navigating the rough seas of an inconsolable baby plus depression more than impossible for some people–and most often, it’s not the mom who loses it, but the father or significant other who “just wants that kid to shut up.” The situation can get out of hand very quickly, and sometimes ends in tragedy.

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  1. I even experienced a couple of psychotic thoughts postpartum. They shocked me, but were fleeting. I did not act on them, but realized how someone’s brain could go there.

  2. Life is hard no matter what, there are always going to be challenges,I’ve been the child , l am a father,there is also something called taking a time out,no matter how you frame this picture,you just better know that there is going to be a time where it needs to be rehung
    It sucks but if you are the parent then the more you know about yourself,the more you know what to expect,the better off all who are effective
    Trust me when I say I’ve been on both sides and it can suck big time
    As always Sheldon

    • Very beautifully said, Sheldon. For me, the problem was….problems were….That I didn’t know I had suffered from bipolar disorder all of my life, so there was that; and my sweet little creature, who turned out to be a Very High Functioning Autistic person had PTSD from being born too suddenly via C-section (he told me all about it when he was 3) so he was terrified of being alone from day 1, inconsolable unless he was attached to the titty. My then-husband refused to participate until the psychiatrist (after I broke down, 11 months without sleep) told him kindly that he COULD after all get up at night with the baby and give him a bottle….I realized years later that if I had not had that horrendous experience, I would not have had the compassion for other parents with”difficult” babies, and might look down on them or judge them in some way. So even though it was horribly tough for me AND my little one, at least we had good friends to help us through (and a good shrink, to whack my clueless husband over the head with a baby bottle! He actually threw one at him, because he had been clued in by one of my med school professors about what was going on!)


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