Mind Room

One of the most touching and thought provoking poems I have read and meditated in a long time. Please leave comments on Sheldon’s original post, thanks.

Sheldon Kleeman

It isn’t easy living

in a one

room house

Where all your eyes

are upon

my walls

Keeping all

my toes

in check

What terrible

twist of fate

To have this

clock of eyes

Instead of there

being these

hands of time

But still in all

there mite

be some

Who want

to come

and see

where ………

A mind that

seldom moves

I’ve collected

to much


instead of

rooms to live

So if you come

be sure

not to step

There isn’t

room to spare

or even

a spot

For all has

been taken over

with my

over sized



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  1. Thank you Laura for the reblog,this one is fresh off the page,I’m on a roll today,lots to say,thank you again
    As always Sheldon

  2. I just reposted something that you mite find interesting

    • I’ll take a look later in the evening when I can give it the attention it deserves. Thanks for the heads-up! I just published something on the emotional theory of mind…would love to hear your thoughts on it…


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