What, You Mean I Have A Real Disease???

Holy mackerel, Bullwinkle, there’s actually physical evidence that our brains are different from the neurotypicals!   Yes indeedy, bloggie friends, the picture is not a pretty one, but hey, we knew that already.

The link to the article in Psychiatric Times is below.  If you have trouble with it, let me know in the comments and I’ll copy-paste it in its entirety.

Unfortunately the only way to qualify for this test is to have a post-mortem.  So there’s plenty of time to kick up our heels and enjoy being Bipolar, Schizophrenic, Schizoaffective, or any or all of the above!

Feel free to print this out, and if anybody gives you any shit about “Just snap out of it,” shove it up their, uh, nose.  We have a Real Physical Disease.

Isn’t that great?

Explains a lot, anyway.


Bipolar Disorder Shares Pathophysiologic Features with Schizophrenia | Psychiatric Times.


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  1. i have known for years that schizophrenia has organic causes. But i have never heard that bipolar does, (except for it being genetically passed on, and needing certain genes to be activated for it to be triggered) But it still has always generally been treated as an environmental illness with learned behavior.

    this article is lovely, in that it makes it so clear that the dendrites, proteins, hippocampus, are NOT normal. they are ‘diseased’, like genetic malformations of fingers, toes, etc,. or like many forms of developmental disabilities. none of these things are thought of as being a person’s fault, a person using learned behaviour to get what they want. a person just not trying hard enough or even pretending.

    now, bipolar is clearly in that camp as well. we can’t help having mood episodes. we can’t just make them stop or start. meds help a lot, but just sheer willpower is not going to help very much. this is a physical disease!!

    thanks so much for this article!

    • I have to thank the Psychiatric Times people for publishing this one. They’ve got another one, which I have queue’d up, that allegedly explains why bipolar depression is not the same animal as major depressive disorder, and that treating the two are completely different. I am living proof of that, as I was mis-treated for years and lost a lot of my brain function because of it. It’s a known fact that prolonged periods of deep depression leave a permanent dent in your brain. Took 20 points off my IQ, gave me a lovely tremor, terrible memory, lousy sense of balance, and the necessity of taking a whole handful of pills morning and night. And this is on top of over 100 rTMS treatments, which literally saved my life.

      Thanks for the reblog, Kat. I hope this starts a chain reaction all over the MH blogging community, and I hope it reaches families, SO’s, and the public at large…..I can dream, can’t I???

  2. Reblogged this on Me: Finding the Missing Pieces and commented:
    finally, the world knows what we have always known–bipolar is a physical disease and can’t just be turned on or off with will power.

  3. PsiFiGal

     /  November 9, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this Laura. I hope the article starts a chain reaction too. I’ll forward it on, and reblog this too.

  4. PsiFiGal

     /  November 9, 2014

    Reblogged this on Dear Diary and commented:
    I have found that Laura is a very smart woman. She has shared this with us, please go to her blog and comment there so she can see it, thanks 🙂

    • Thank you! Let’s keep the ball rolling so we can spread the word that we are not responsible for HAVING the disease. It’s physical, like cystic fibrosis or any other genetic disease. We manage it the best we can, and we try to get the best help available. And then we have to build our lives according to our abilities and the help that is available to us. We are not faking, we are not malingering, we have a chronic, lifelong illness. Stop the stigma! Pass it on!

  5. Thanks for posting Laura…any information is great to add to the arsenal .Yes, I do feel like its a war!
    On a different note…. have you ever heard of brain lesions, or even holes in the brain caused by a parasite healing completely without any lasting effect?
    Same goes for Cardiomyopathy? Can it heal itself once its been present for a decade or more. I know its not your sphere, but I’d love your opinion doc? 😉

    • Hmm, well, miracles do occur, and I have seen some, so I wouldn’t rule out a complete recovery from the conditions you mention. On the other hand, in general, injuries to brain tissue usually result in scarring that can lead to seizures and other lasting effects, and cardiomyopathy is difficult to recover from, as it affects the heart’s pumping ability and can also result in scarring that affects the heart muscle, valves, and other structures. But as I said, I have seen miracles, so I would never rule out a complete recovery.

      • Many thanks Laura. I’ve seen this oerson almost vegetative and in a day be fully ‘functional’. My healthy scepticism won’t allow me to believe so many miracles can be possible at once. These are only the major 2 ailments, the list is exyensive – as is my doubt. I must be awful to think this way yet it is simply too great a change day to day to say…. yes Spirit is working wonders. It does but….. I don’t know.

        • Keep praying. I usually pray for whatever the Great Spirit intends to be best for the person, and that it should happen as quickly as possible, and that it should be the final cleansing of the soul so that the person goes straight to Heaven with no stops on the way! My thoughts are with you for a complete healing of the soul of the sick one and for you too.

        • You are not being awful. You are being realistic. This person is swinging back and forth between the worlds. I am sure that this person is doing important work in the spiritual realm. The best thing you can do is to be present, be supportive, know that there are things that are always happening in the background where we can’t see them, backstage as it were, and our job is to try to be content with not knowing.

  6. Hello my friend
    I may have figured out how to send our conversation thread, I’ll try it to see.
    Take care.

    • That would be great! Actually if you can find the page it’s on, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL and send it to me. That’s the easiest way. I just got home from a Real Vacation, first one in so many years I can’t even remember, and I’m tired but truly rejuvenated and inspired. Hope I can keep this energy going! Hope you’re well, and sending you lots of good juju for staying high through the holidays! I know that’s a challenge for many people. We need to keep our inner eyes focused on the real meaning of the holidays and not get sidetracked by all the weirdness that is attracted by the good energy! Easy for me to say, being Jewish and therefore not really involved in the Winter Holidays here. But I know from our Jewish High Holidays in the fall of the year, that a month or more of merry-making can be exhausting, lonely, confusing, and extremely stressful to those of us who struggle with identity and other inner issues….keep strong, my friend, and remember to reach out for help when you need it. Blessings!

      • Hi Laura
        I’ll try that after the pain meds wear off. Lyme is kicking into high gear. I’ll glad take meds a vomit then a PICC line. I want ti avoid at all cost. Jesus was Jewish, I’m not familiar enough with the Jewish religion but I believe we share our belief in the Old Testament. Could be way off there, I have an interest in all religions but far from an expert including my own. Glad to here you had a great vacation. Talk to you soon. Did I email you the info on National efforts to raise awareness?

        • Ooh, so sorry you’re feeling rough. Sending healing vibes your way. I actually have not looked at that email account in a long time, what with my father’s passing and then going on vacation, and now there has been a massacre in my original home town in Jerusalem. I hope to get back to some type of normal but it doesn’t look to be any time soon. My intestines have gone into emergency mode and I am **blush** in the bathroom as I write this, can’t wander far from the toilet. I guess both of us, and the whole world, need a lot of healing right now. Heaven help us all.


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