I do not Agree to the proposition that I am Worthless

I have a lot to say about this, but my brain refuses to work at this moment, except to comment that if mental health care sucks hind tit in America, what must the situation be like in less “developed” nations?

Art by Rob Goldstein

To: Supervisor Shirlee Zane
Supervisor District 3
Sonoma, CA

Dear Supervisor Zane,

Thank you for considering  my story for your listening session to hear public comment about parity and mental healthcare.

And, thank you for your advocacy for people with serious life threatening mental illnesses.

For many of us the Behavioral Health System simply does not work.

To some of us it looks as if it does not want to.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a severe dissociative disorder.

I see a psychotherapist twice a week and I realize that this is an achievement and yet I want to state that this should be the norm.

The idea that I should be grateful for receiving the only treatment that is known to work for this illness is absurd and places me in a beggarly role.

My problem is that my illness now requires a more intensive structure…

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  1. It’s pretty bad in developing countires. In my country there are 300 qualified psychiatrists serving a population of 200 million (yes 200 million).

    I’m living in the dark ages as far as mental illness in my country is concerned. I am from an educated family, lived in the west during my twenties and my parents are both medical doctors so I am lucky in that respect.

    I shudder and cringe when I think of my fellow countrymen dealing with mental health issues.

  2. mental illness is rampant where i live. if your on the public health system and only hold a medical card, you could be waiting up to 7 or 8 weeks when i referral is made, to see someone. every time i go to the outpatients clinic its tearing busy. xoxo


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