Tell Congress to Decriminalize Mental Illness

Please read, sign, and SHARE!!!! This is the direction we need to be traveling in: tell our government to STOP TREATING MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE IN CRISIS LIKE CRIMINALS! Every day we read in the news about somebody who is disoriented or in distress from a mental illness, being shot, beaten, Tazered, jailed….in fact, one of my recurring nightmares has to do with being arrested and thrown in jail without my service dog or my meds. What would I do? I would curl up in a little ball in the farthest corner I could find….and when I was found by the guards I would be screamed at, ridiculed, dragged out of my hiding place, roughed up, possibly beaten (because in jail, I have no rights or protections) and possibly die from the abuses, and if I didn’t die while in there I would most likely die soon after release. That’s what jailing a mentally ill person can do, and does do, on an unfortunately regular basis. So thank you to Rob for posting this, and please, friends, sign and pass it forward. Let me know if the link doesn’t work and I’ll fix it. –Laura

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