Depression Comix #188: Life Eraser

Another great one by Clay. Really got me thinking: if I came across a “Life Erase” button, what would I do? And what awaits on the other side, if anything? And if nothing, then….would I want to erase all the good times and good things in my life? This comic got me thinking about the good things in my life….would I want to erase THEM along with all the horrible things that have happened in my life?

Depression Comix


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  1. I wouldn’t. The good times, the laughter, the memories, the people I’ve loved and who’ve loved me, the bad times where I learned, grew, changed, learned how to persevere, learned how to survive. No way would I give any of that up!!

    I’ve always had to fight and to struggle for and through everything in life — not in books, not in school, etc. — but life, circumstances, most people — I’ve had to fight and struggle to understand, to get through . . .No. No way in hell would I ever let any of it go!!

    I’ve got scars on my body and scars on my soul and I’m not giving a damn one of them up!! One day God will balance all the scales. One day Justice will prevail. He and I have gone through too much together for me to EVER erase a single jot or tittle. Never. Ever. Whether I die as soon as I post this or whether (please God I don’t want to) I live to be 90 or 100 I don’t ever want to erase a single moment, a single memory.

    All the shit. All the blessings. I went through it all. I survived it all. I am still here. With God’s help I will not leave here until He’s ready to take me Home and THEN He will remove the scars, take away the pain and all the love, all the blessings, all the good will remain and it will all have been worth it. Many days, many evenings, many nights on this earth I realize it’s all worth it. How much will I know this when I get to Heaven?!?

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  June 7, 2014

    I think the only reason why I WOULD hit it is to live again! Not because my life sucks, just to be able to do it all again. I ass-u-me if I hit this button, I go back to age 0, right? It’s my comment, so yes, I will go back in time also! So there! 😘

    • That’s an angle I hadn’t thought of. If you could go back and do it all over again, would you do it differently, or the same? Would you have the same family, socioeconomic status, geographic area…would you have the same profession, partner if you have one, partner if you don’t? You have me thinking about this. What would I have? Hmmm…..

  3. Kelley Allen

     /  June 7, 2014

    I’m so that guy. I’d hit the button in a second. Yes, maybe God will help make right the life I’ve had but I don’t think even that will make it worth it.
    Love your site, BTW. Always thought provoking. Thanks for putting it all out there!

    • Wow. That’s powerful. You’re electing to cast yourself into the Beyond, about which we know nothing. Could it be better than here? Maybe. Could it be worse? Who knows? All we know, or we THINK we know, is that it’s gonna be different from here. We hope.


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