Should I, Or Shouldn’t I?

Yours Truly asks a pointed question on A Canvas Of The Minds. Canvas is a very special collective of very special Mental Health Bloggers. My answer to this question will be posted either here or there soon….stay tuned…..

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  1. Indeed, I too am of the conviction that the brain/soul together control (for better or worse) our body chemistry. And that most diseases though not all could either be healed by certain affirmations or placebos. But the RIGHT placebos: there are studies that certain sizes, shapes and colors of pills work better against certain diseases than others. Let’s say a headache can be best lessened by a small pink round pill, while stomach pain might better react when “treated” with a green oval sugar pill. Now to really evaluate a pharmaceutical ingredient against a placebo you would actually also have to find out which size/shape/color pill affects a certain condition THE LEAST. Let’s say, headaches react the least when “treated” with a blue, oblong pill. then the new medicine to be tested against headaches would have to be presented as a blue oblong pill and the placebo should be the small pink pill. I’m sure, most chemicals would fail these tests miserably. Problem is: you can’t conduct “double-blind” studies like that. But it clearly shows that normal medicine, even if working to Cochrane “evidence-based” standards is doomed when it tries to prove its own efficacy.


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