Status Update

First of all I thank all of you who have been so supportive during this time of crisis.  I really appreciate all y’all.

Just a quick update, because I am finally home and exhausted.  Feet are up, trying to think of something for dinner more nutritious than frozen french fries.

Dad was transferred to the rehab wing of the nursing home this morning.  It was a very difficult thing to see, and a very difficult thing to be, for him.  There is such a marked difference in the level of care between the hospital, where they took amazing care of him, to the nursing home, where it took 20 minutes for the nurse to get him a snack after a low blood sugar event.  Luckily my mom had left a couple of energy bars on the bedside table, and luckily I was there to give him one.

On the upside, I had a long talk with the Occupational Therapist, who had excellent questions and listened intently.  Together we identified several key areas to work on in rehab, making realistic goals such as, that he should be able to feed himself unaided, to use an adaptive wheelchair, and hopefully to transfer himself to a chair or commode from the wheelchair.  I was happy with that.

As far as discharge expectations, it became increasingly clear from that conversation that home is not going to be an option.  That’s a very sad thought, and I don’t like to think it.

I had lunch with my mom and we discussed all these things, and thought about what the future might look like.  This will certainly be an evolving process.

In other news, I went to bed around midnight last night and got up, after very little sleep because I didn’t take my knock-out pills, at 5:30 in order to catch the doctor when she made rounds at the hospital.  I think I must have fallen asleep for the last hour, because I woke up to find my left knee stuck in a bent position, extremely painful if I tried to straighten it, which I couldn’t have anyway because I instantly knew what it was: a tear of my meniscus, which is the rim of cartilage that sits on top of your shinbone in your knee joint and keeps things from slipping around.  I knew this not because I am a doctor, but because it happened to me in the past, when I was like 24 years old and playing soccer–in other words, a sports injury.  So WTF???  I was, like, this can’t be happening to me.  I have to be at the hospital at 7 sharp.

Once again, my little dog Noga saved the day.  She has these rituals.  One of them is that she refuses to get out of bed (my bed, that is!) in the morning without a set quota of kisses and hugs.  So in order to get on with the morning somehow, I knelt on the bed and gave Noga her kisses and hugs.  Miraculously, the act of sitting on my heels opened up my knee joint enough to let the errant piece of cartilage pop back into its place.  Orthopedic appointment tomorrow.  Arthroscopic surgery in the future, just like the other knee, which has been swelling up again lately….sigh…..

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  1. Best of luck, Laura. I hope all works out well for your dad, mom and knee… Noga sounds wonderful.

  2. Bless your heart!! ❤

  3. I am so glad that Noga is there for you!

  4. Intense times for all of you; take good care. xoxo


  5. I’m so sorry Laura. Keeping you in my thoughts xxxx

  6. So much to deal with. Please try to take care of yourself……..keeping you in my thoughts.

  7. Such a cute dog, no doubt I call my dog who now is no more, my guardian angel.

  8. I have been following your postings about your father’s declining health and I am full of admiration for your fortitude, patience and poise with which you describe what must be a most difficult time (understatment of the year). My father (79 next month) fell and cracked his hip about a year ago, and seeing him in hospital shook me to see him so vulnerable.

    • Yeah, it’s tough to see our parents in a situation where they’re in the hands of others, especially when they’ve been so independent in the past. How’s your dad doing now?

      • His hip is fine – but last summer he collapsed at a family lunch at a restaurant – it was really scary. Also he yelled at the doctor who told him he had to stay in overnight. I had never seen him act ike that. I told Mum and she said he has been having these outbursts for a while…he won’t go to see the Dr…all that anger just pouring out…….

        • Oh no, sounds like the beginnings of dementia. Have you had him to see a gerontologist whatever kind of specialist handles dementia in your part of the world? Sometimes you have to use stealth tactics to get them to go….

      • He has passed all the memory tests the doctors did….I said to my Mum that it may be depression (he was hospitalised in 1993) no episodes since. I will talk to her again. Thank you.

  9. PsiFiGal

     /  January 22, 2014

    Oh dear! Your knee on top of everything else? When it rains it pours… I am still thinking of you, your father and mother and hoping his transition is as stress free as possible. Noga sounds adorable, it’s nice to have the comfort of a pet. Take care Laura, and keep us posted.


  10. Stay strong! Stay positive!


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