Mad In America

A much needed voice out of the wilderness. Haven’t checked out his blog yet but plan to in the near future!

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  1. This looks really interesting. I’ll definitely visit the site – all the way from England!!!

  2. I have read one of Whitaker’s books and saw him speak at a conference in 2011. They’re good reads 🙂

  3. Been wanting to read it for some time.

    • Hey PAZ, nice to see you! How you is?

      • I is good! My life seems to be moving forward rather nicely. I have a boyfriend now and am working. Bones have been killing me though and it gives me rages, but at least i’m not depressed. I’ve been getting the itch to write again. I’ve been drawing lots too.

        How about yourself?

        • All of you sounds good, except for bones 😦 but if you’re not depressed that’s a step in the right direction. Glad things all seem on the upswing! Me, was seriously depressed, then shrink suggested a light box and now I’m managing hypomania….oh if I could ever just get balanced…but at least I’m not depressed, a very good thing.

  4. Gregory Seligman

     /  November 29, 2013

    This is Greg from the Invisible Scar. I left you this very lengthy response & they wouldn’t put it up! I was so pissed off as it took a lot of time & thought to write & I so wanted your input.
    You’ll so appreciate this also. A mere 18 days after ceasing almost 4 years of Klonopin 2mg/day…the Psych diagnosed me as Bipolar II. I couldn’t care less if that is the case but I was the one who said I was exhibiting hypomanic behavior, not her. I pointed out my racing thoughts, insomnia, pressured speech, etc. she prescribed Abilify. But I haven’t taken it…because every day that goes by I’m physically feeling better? My IM & the therapist I started seeing both concur that it is a protracted withdrawal. My Internist flat out told me that she had to come up with a different diagnosis in order for the Insurance Co. to reimburse as I saw her a week prior for withdrawal. I’m sorry but 4 yrs on a med. & the world expects my mind & body to regulate after a mere 18 days? That is insane.
    I would so love to be able to shoot you that info I wrote on a private message if that’s OK? I promise I won’t get attached & bug you. I promise, I’m not like that. I jet really want your input. You seem to be one of the few who ‘gets’ me, & right now is certainly my greatest time of need in 49 yrs on this planet.
    My e-mail is
    I would love to hear from you & I give you my word as a gentleman I only want to be able to communicate with you on your terms exclusively. I promise you.


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