Nah, Nah, NaNo, Not This Year

I hate to bail out on anything I’ve committed to.  But you know what?  I’m just too tired to deal with the stress of worrying whether my word count is going to come out right on November 30th.

It’s kind of too bad, because I have a novel that I’ve been working on, and I put it in the deep freeze to age a little.  Then when I got it out again, I realized it wasn’t the novel I wanted at all.  I mean, the premise and the characters and the story arc are all meaningful, but the approach is all wrong.  So it needs to be re-written from scratch.

I’ve actually made a stab at it, thinking I’d do it for this year’s NaNoWriMo.  But I’m not up to it.  My liver hurts, courtesy of a Cytomegalovirus infection I contracted several years ago.  I’m getting a cold, thanks to self-imposed stress.  I’m whiney and all I want to do is crawl under the covers and sleep it off.

You know what?  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.  I’m going to be kind to myself for a change.  It’s a habit I’d like to cultivate.

See you next year, NaNo.  Maybe.

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  1. good for you, go enjoy it and feel better!

  2. Looking after yourself is always the wisest decision. Take care Laura. s\Susan x

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  November 5, 2013

    I made the same decision, basically. I saw this challenge coming last month and thought, ‘wow, Ilex. This is a great motivational device.. Drop blogging for a month and get that novel out of your head.’ Um, yeah. Then I realised I’ve not done any of my ‘chores’ for the month, and I would stress my ass out huge to do this. That’s my illness OCD. Can’t let little stuff like that go. Maybe we can reschedule this nanenanebooboo thing for January? 😀

    • It just ain’t worth it, Red Berry. It’s supposed to be a great motivator, and it is, if your brain is in the right state to do it. But if you’re OCD-ing and gonna be hyperventilating because there aren’t 25 hours in a day, well….maybe next year! And yeah, why do they have to schedule it for November, fer cryin’ out loud? I’ve gotta figure out how to coordinate cooking a Terduckin, making soup out of all the bones (god, I wish I could trap one of the flock of wild turkeys that laughs at me several times a day), and all that other stuff. That’s a four-day weekend. The past four years I’ve scrimped on T-day in order to keep writing, and I’m just not gonna do that this year!

  4. Good choice!

  5. I think you made the right choice. I keep prioritizing being kind to myself and things keep improving. Not committing to stuff that I really don’t need to have complicating my life is a big piece of it.

    • Thanks for the support! Yeah, I’m trying to cut out sources of pressure, since my blood pressure went up (drat genetics). I really should be doing yoga, since I love yoga, but I haven’t been, so I’m letting the “should” part go too. If I get around to it, I will. I might turn into a lazy slug but at least I won’t be hyperventilating all the time.

      • I hear you on the yoga point. I really need to make it a regular practice. Problem is, I don’t unless it’s a class, but those are highly inconvenient. I need to 1) make it part of the daily routine and 2) have some variation on workout routines to keep it interesting. And basically that all requires more planning and consideration than I’ve been willing/able to invest just yet.

        But my body really does want some yoga…


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