Hello fellow Bloggies, happy Friday, Dia de los Muertos, and everything like that.

“It has come to my attention…” don’t you hate that phrase?  Me too, but it does apply here.  I noticed that there was an awful lot of spam in my Gmail account this morning, so I looked through it and HORROR OF HORRORS there were several personal emails in there, one or two of which were from YOU, my Bloggie Family.  Unfortunately, being before noon and without my caffeine quotient and (fill in your favorite excuse here), I tried to remove them from the spam folder and now I can’t find them anywhere.  Arrrgh!

So here’s what I’ve decided to do about that:

Even though I’ve asked people to contact me about specific issues at my normal, regular, public email, which is, I’m asking you to please change that to; so that hopefully your messages won’t get spammed and if they do I’ll be able to salvage them.

Tips for not getting spammed:  well, other than putting “YOU CAN HAVE A GIGANTIC ORGAN BY CHRISTMAS” in your subject line, I’ve noticed that messages with sender email addresses that consist of random numbers and/or letters like just go straight into the bin, because the server thinks they’re generated by ‘bots.  So I know this is sounding like some annoying “how to not end up in the spam bin” lecture, but you know what?  I really, really want to get your emails, because I know that if you are emailing me it’s about something very important and I don’t want to miss it, and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you.

All that said, can anyone please tell me how to embed a “click here to email me” button on my blog?  I looked through the widgets and didn’t see one.  That does not mean there isn’t one, just that I didn’t see it! 😀

OK, I’m getting off my high horse now and going for the coffee pot.  Who knows, I may do something radical like get dressed!

Love you all, have a great weekend, and to those of you to whom November 1st means more than Day of the Dead….you WriMos know who you are…fire up your engines and get that novel off to a running start!  Hyah! Hyah!  (sound of whips cracking)

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  1. Once again you educate me. Maybe I should refer to you as Teacher Laura?!? HA!! 😀

    I’ve always heard of The Day of the Dead, but I thought that was just in Mexico. November 1st has always been (in my knowledge/head/experience/awareness/etc) All Saints Day.

    Isn’t it funny what we know from where we live, where we travel, who we meet? I find it fascinating.

    Whatever day this is called, have a blessed one!!

    • Kathy, you are absolutely right! In Mexico, it is the Day of the Dead, when people (especially families) have celebrations honoring the people in their lives who have passed away. It’s really not celebrated anywhere else. There are Day of the Dead parades in some places in Mexico where people put on scary masks, but it’s not like Halloween in the US. It’s more of a serious holiday. All Saints Day, preceded by the Feast of All Souls (I think…if I have it backward please correct me!) was instituted by the Catholic Church to counteract All Hallow’s Eve, which is a pagan holiday celebrated in the British Isles on those same dates, which became Halloween, a time for spooky fun! Have a blessed one too, and a blessed rest of the year!

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  November 1, 2013

    Sorry to hear of your email woes…
    I had been looking to do this to my blog also and here are 2 links with directions on how to do it. Not sure which works better or at all, but….
    Good luck! Let me/us know if it works 🙂
    Happier Friday!


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