Answers to Some Recent FAQs About the Invisible Scar

I’m exhausted from Yom Kippur, and this just came across my radar. The Invisible Scar is a blog dedicated to “Awareness and Prevention of Emotional Child Abuse.” They actually reach out more to adult survivors of emotional abuse and adult children of narcissistic parents. That is how I found them. I’m reblogging this as a resource for any of you who need it.

The Invisible Scar

Judging by our email at the Invisible Scar, folks have lots of questions about this site. So, we thought we’d take a moment to answer a few questions that keep coming up.

Is The Invisible Scar a professional organization?
No. The Invisible Scar is a blog with posts meant to help spread information about the prevention and awareness of emotional child abuse. This blog is meant to be a springboard for readers who’ve endured (or are enduring) emotional child abuse to realize that emotional abuse is not normal or acceptable and to seek professional help.

Why do you focus on adults?
This site focuses on both adults and children. We often address adults because most emotionally abused children will not actively seek help, so we reach out to parents to understand how to treat their children better or to adults who have suffered emotional abuse in their childhood.

Why do…

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  1. savemefrombpd

     /  September 14, 2013

    I hope you had an easy fast – Pfff, I’m exhausted too! Ended up helping out my sister with her two toddlers and they took a lot of my last energy out of me!

    All the very best.

    • Thank you! Sounds like you had a challenging day, fasting and running after toddlers! My “fast” was lame…since I’m on Lithium I have to drink, and since I have hypoglycemia I have to eat enough to not pass out…so I feel kind of like a charlatan, with everyone else suffering from hunger and thirst (and it was over 100 F/38C here today). How does your brain do with fasting? Mine goes overboard and gets psychotic, I’m not normal (?) for days afterwards. So my doctor forbids it, but I do cheat and eat as little as possible….

      • savemefrombpd

         /  September 14, 2013

        Yes, challenging day fasting however for the first time in many years (asides from when I was in hospital) I skipped going to shul. I’m also on Lithium and have issues with getting dehydrated. Plus, very hot here so I stayed in my apartment for most of the day in bed and only went out at 5.30pm to my sister’s so the last 2 hours were difficult.

        Don’t worry, Hashem will understand. You have reasons why you can’t fast. It’s OK. And you ate as less as possible. Your intentions are good, obviously.

        I was just a bit dizzy and out of it the last couple of hours of the fast but luckily nothing more than that – I really tried to stay strong so that I could at least help my sister out a bit as she was having far from an easy time.

        We made it through!!

        • That is a great feeling, isn’t it, when you make it through? And such a mitzvah to help your sister so she could get through. I’m sure she’s eternally grateful! I’m so glad you were able to do it, and you seem none the worse for it, brain-wise, so great job!!!!

          • savemefrombpd

             /  September 15, 2013

            Thank you my friend.

            • Would you be interested in being interviewed (I send you the questions and you send them back to me) for my Wednesday series, “Voices of Mental Illness,” formerly “Breaking the Silence of Stigma”? You can do it entirely anonymously. Your story would be inspiring for many people who are struggling. If you’d like to be my guest, please email me at moxadox at gmail dot com. I’d love to connect with you privately anyway. We have some things in common 😀

  2. I will check out Invisible Scar – thanks for the link


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