A Call For Support

Great thanks to bpshielsy at The Bipolar Place for sending this shout-out for support for our joint project–joint being bpshielsy, Mrs. Bipolarity, and myself. This project was inspired by TV anchorpeople behaving badly, grossly discriminating against people with mental illness. We want to show the world that people who happen to have mental illness are just….people, that’s all. Please come out and support us, support YOU, and help make the world a better place for all of us.

The Bipolar Place

I’ve been pretty busy lately with one thing or another, but something I really wanted to get a post out about is Faces of Mental Illness.

I’ve been working with Laura SQ from Mrs Bipolarity & Laura P. Schulman from  Bipolar For Life, on creating the real faces of mental illness. Initially it was in reaction to Brian Williams’ stigmatising negative comments on mental illness. He stated of Ariel Castro, who held three Cleveland women captive for a decade was the face of mental illness. So, here we have an NBC Anchorman claiming this repugnant man is the face for people who suffer from all manner of mental illnesses. Such comments from a public figure can only do harm to any organisations out there trying to educate people & reduce the stigma around mental health.

As mentioned, this was originally what prompted the two Laura’s & I to start…

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  1. Howisbradley

     /  August 20, 2013

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  2. Thank you for taking this on! I am a person with bipolar disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder. The “stereotype” is that this hits people in their teens or early twenties. I was 42 years old. I’ve lived a really normal life despite just a few setbacks. There are many faces of bipolar, but we are all unique human beings.

    • It’s true. I’ve been wondering what we would look like if we gathered all the people with a mental illness diagnosis into one place for a “flash mob”–it would take the state of Texas or maybe Texas plus Oklahoma and Arkansas (for non-Americans, that’s a huge piece of real estate) to contain just the people in North America, standing really close together! (Actually, I would have to be there by video-link because of my claustrophobia LOL)

      If you decide you’d like to participate, either by doing a very short video or a blog interview or both, please leave me a comment here.

  3. Currently thinking about writing an autobiography about the stigma attached to bi-polar. In my life I have had 2 main jobs, hotel management (7 years out of 11 years at 1 hotel) and factory worker for 17 years in same factory. I was 3/4 the way through my 2nd University whilst doing my first job. Currently thinking of 3rd degree. Much traveled in Australia and overseas. So why the shock when I admit my Bi-Polar type 1

    • Wow, you’ve done a lot in your life. Amazing, isn’t it, when we think of how hard it is to disclose our mental health issues to people who know us a “normal”? They just can’t believe we don’t turn into wild animals at night or whatever. If you would like to participate in our video series “Faces of Mental Illness,” and/or my Wednesday blog interview series Breaking the Silence of Stigma, please leave me a comment!


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