Just What the Doctor Ordered (NOT!)

So I was doing my Friday-before-the-Sabbath errands, and I happened upon a hardware store that looked like it just might have the small desk lamp I wanted for my new tiny Jerusalem apartment.  Oddly, hardware stores here do not carry lighting fixtures.  You have to go to a lighting fixture store in one of the industrial districts for that, which entails buses and such, and I have not quite got over my jet lag enough to want to go adventuring.  But this store looked promising, so I turned from my trajectory to go in and check.

And that’s when it happened.  I’m not sure exactly what happened.  I think I might have caught my left toe, the one that drops because of some old neurologic injury, on the highish step one has to step onto to enter the store.  However it occurred, I woke up with people dragging me to my feet.  I saw someone throw the sandal that had ended up on the sidewalk into the store (thank you), and I was placed in a chair and given a glass of cold water.  I noticed blood dripping down my right arm, and upon inspection saw that somehow a piece of skin had been torn all the way from my wrist to my elbow, and was hanging in the breeze.  I tore it off, to the hardware store’s owners’ great dismay.

I asked to wash the wound, and was shown to a sink that looked like it was usually used for washing grease of implements.  I washed the blood off, and asked for a paper towel in which to wrap my wounded forearm.  I sat back down in the chair, feeling a bit dizzy, and listened to the proprietors speculating in Hebrew about how I had tripped on the step because I was wearing sun glasses and a big floppy hat (which everyone wears in the blazing sun here).

All I could think of was getting to a pharmacy for dressing materials before everything closed down for the Sabbath.  I collected my previous purchases, which had scattered all over the place, thanked the proprietors for their help, and fought my way through the surging multitudes of last-minute shoppers at the shuk to the Russian pharmacy that was, thankfully, still open.

I had to specify exactly what bandage materials I wanted, since after I showed the pharmacist my wound he looked rather ill.  Taking my stuff, I headed home to wash and dress my avulsion.  As I was walking home I noticed that my lower front teeth were sore.  I wondered if they were loose.  Then I noticed the bruise on my shin.  Classic KO punch (for those of you not familiar with boxing, a direct hit to the chin is a good way to knock someone out).

But: I went down before I got the KO punch.  What precipitated the fall?  The drop-foot?  Or perhaps….the thing that made me fall a few years ago, in the middle of the night coming back from the bathroom, that resulted in a concussion that caused all kinds of mayhem in my already compromised brain for years?

Anyway.  Three days later I’m still feeling headachy, nauseous, and grumpy.  The first day I fell asleep immediately upon returning home (after dressing my wound) and slept through till the next day, with one break to take Noga out to potty and to feed her.  She wouldn’t eat, but curled up next to me on the bed.  Yesterday I slept most of the day and went to bed at nine and woke up at ten today.  The wound is getting better every day.  I’m getting better every day.  I decided not to go to the doctor because last time I went to the doctor for a mild head injury it turned out to be a big balagan (pain in the ass, in Hebrew) and they didn’t do anything anyway.  So I figure if I turn out to have a subdural hematoma (blood clot on the brain) I’ll do it quietly and without a big fuss.  My friends are checking on me, so if I don’t answer the phone they’ll know something’s up and come looking for me.

Kind of cynical, but that’s how I am.  I guess I’m passively suicidal, always have been.  It’s like, I’m not afraid of death.  If something comes to get me, I’m on that bus.  If not, I’ll just keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Glad you are getting better. I understand how you think with this, I would do the same thing.

    • Thanks. Glad I’m not the only weirdo!

      • My senior year in high school I was riding my bike and the chain broke. I was standing on the pedals and my chin hit the cross bar. I know I had a concussion because I do not remember getting through the next 3/4 mile home. I have images of picking up my bike and pushing myself along. I remember waking up on the couch. a couple years later I had to have my molars fixed and they were all removed eventually from being cracked. Nothing that anyone could have done about it anyway.

  2. i can relate to a lot of what you share. though, my diagnosis is clinical depression. reading a book that i ‘cynically’ stopped reading after 50 pages several years ago. it’s called ‘the science of happiness” int’l bestseller it says. my psychologist (deceased -which makes me sad, he was awesome) taught me methods to be more positive which i am grateful for. it’s significant to me that he was an Observant Jew. (i’m a Jew at heart in many ways, though my faith tradition which i choose is not Jewish). anyway, i’m appreciating some of what the book is saying -about the value of being optimistic, etc. your ‘cynical’ comment (i can be very cynicial) caught my attention. anyway, i share all that, fwiw. i’d love to visit Israel. in a positive 😉 way, i’m envious. wishing you the best.

    michael fields
    stockton, ca

  3. Well, your post was coherent and detailed, so I believe that you will survive, to my great happiness! I fell over a bump in a sidewalk, went airborne (with airtime) RIGHT in front of a man about to pass me. Of course I was more interested in the man leaving me to my embarrassment then checking my injuries!

    • Sorry, but that strikes me funny! Airborne woman stresses about annoying presence of witness. Reminds me of the time I was face-down in my horse arena and some guy came in through the office door and I said “can I help you?” and he said “I think you’re the one that needs help ma’am.”

      • Hope I didn’t offend you with that…. It just gave me such a visual! You’re a great writer, you know :-). Let’s both try to stay upright when walking, with at least one foot on the ground, OK?

      • I am a class A klutz, and generally am immune to embarrassments, but that one was a disaster! Love your Klutzy moment too!

  4. Terri

     /  August 11, 2013

    I’m with you on the death thing. I’m definitely on the bus…….I have cptsd, cfs, fibro………going on 25 years. At 50 I’m more tired than you can believe. Keeping on, but tired of finding something to keep me on.
    Take care of your injuries…….

    • I’m so sorry you’ve had all this pain dumped on you. I wish I had a magic wand and could take it all away for you.

    • Terri, I know how hard life can be with fibro, cfs and mental health issues. We do have to keep on keeping on and learn to enjoy the things we can in our lives. I find it is easy sometimes to have a pity party all by myself or with others, but what really helps is practicing gratitude. I try to do the latter more than the former! LOL Just know that you have a friend here who knows what it is like. Peace to your heart, Sara

  5. oh, that is awful! i hope you keep feeling better each day. the whole thing sounds just terrible. i’m so sorry this happened, but you do sound pretty lucid, so you are probably on your way to recovery 🙂 take care, be gentle with yourself.

    • Thanks, Kat. I think it’s going to be a couple of weeks anyway before the confusion clears. I’m also kind of unsteady on my feet and wish I had one of my big dogs instead of my cute little one who is very comforting but no good at bracing 😉

  6. Thinking healing thoughts your way! *hugs*

  7. I think we both had a great fall on the same day! Yours worse than mine, though, for I was not KO’d. I did something that I guess is stupid, but I’ve done it a million times…I was putting gas in my car and stepped over the hose, or tried to….my toe caught, I reached my left arm out….my hand caught on the top of the open car door while the rest of my body went all the way down to the ground. I thought my arm was going to pull off! I landed on my left knee hard enough to give me floor burn through jeans. After crying for several minutes I thought, okay, I do the little bit of shopping that needs to be done. Fifteen minutes later I barely made it back to my car and home I was hurting so bad all over. I have fibromyalgia and was already having a pretty painful day, but apparently I did some twisting when I fell because my whole right side hurt in addition to most of my left arm and all the way down to my middle ribs from being hyper extended.
    So, I can commiserate with your experience and with sleeping (after taking generous doses of pain medication) for the better part of a couple of days. Trauma can do that to a person…however, I must say that it is indeed a bit suicidal to sleep so much after passing out. Thankfully you had the friends calling and that you didn’t have a major problem with not awakening. You would have been terribly missed, and that’s just by your internet friends!
    *hugs* and more *hugs* Peace to your heart, Sara

    • Oh no! What an awful shock to body and soul! I commiserate. My fibromyalgia has finally figured out what has happened and kicked in. It’s the middle of the night of course. Pain Meds taken, but they keep me from sleeping and don’t work all that well either.

      I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

      • I wish you a speedy recovery,too. We both know that with fibro it can take a while, but hopefully the cognitive stuff for you will pass sooner! Take care of yourself!

  8. I’m glad you are still able to write. Wishing you a swift healing.

    • Thank you! Yes, I am very grateful that nothing writing-related got injured, except my brain, and that’s business as usual 😉
      And welcome to my corner of the blogosphere!

  9. Midwestern Plant Girl

     /  August 12, 2013

    Doh! Glad to hear you’re recovering!

  10. I’m so sorry you got hurt, and wish you a Refuah Shlema…………please try to take care of yourself as much as you can.

    • Thank you, Janet, and amen to your bracha. I’m almost back to normal, B”H…normal for me, anyway LOL! Jerusalem always takes its toll the first few days, for some reason. Or weeks, months, or years. It’s not easy living here. But it’s my home, so I put up with it. Take care yourself!

  11. Ouch. That sounds bad. When you said you talk a fall, I didn’t realise it was a complete wipe out. I’m a little behind on reading posts, so I hope you continued to recover well, with no sign of a whatever-matoma 🙂

    • Thanks! I think I’m still recovering, bit slowly. I have all sorts of worries about why this happened, and repercussions, all that sort of thing. But although I am having to drag myself out of bed at nine in the morning, I still do wake up every morning and that’s a start, isn’t it.


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