depression comix #136

I had a very serious relationship…we were going to get married…but this same scenario came up again and again….so we didn’t get married, and I broke it off. He didn’t want to break it off, but I couldn’t stand being the reason for everything bad that ever happened to us, because “I was always bummed out.”

Depression Comix


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  1. im so glad you reblog these! even though they are painfully accurate, they are still funny.

  2. I’m going through this same situation now. We are well overdue for marriage, but have now put it on hold due to me being sad all the time. My depression and bipolar disorder just gets in the way… Ive been contemplating breaking it off due to my massive guilt that i truly bring him down even when things are fine… a 6 year relationship down the whole… never thought it would end up like this…

    • So sorry to hear this. Are you doing couples counseling? Individual? There are several bloggers in the Mental Health blogosphere who are dealing with the same thing. You can look around and find them, and if you have any trouble I’ll be happy to put you onto some people who might be willing to talk with you about how they manage, and give you some support.

    • If he can’t have a positive attitude and help you through your hard times, you’ve got the wrong person. As long as you’re doing everything YOU can to mitigate your illness, it’s crucial to have a partner who will SUPPORT you and not bring you down.

  3. I like these comics. Makes me laugh. Humor is my defense. I’m just glad I have accepted MY situation and it isn’t an illness, it’s just how I am! =)

    • Wow, you’re way more adapted to the situation than I am. I just cringe.

      • My situation comes and goes also. When situations are bad, my brain manifests debilitating pain in my jaw that oxycodone can’t kick. I’ve argued with Dr’s, but that’s what they give me. I tell them it’s anxiety as Clorazepate works, but they know better… (not!). I think I’ve found a Dr. that understand now, but we’ll see if she stays onboard as she needs to write refills. Like being on oxycodone is less addictive than clorazepate… please!

        • Dear MPG, since I am an acupuncturist and have seen and treated lots of what you are describing, I suggest you bag the medicos and go see your friendly local acupuncturist, who, if she is any good, will relieve you of this awful symptom not only temporarily but permanently. Wish you were in my part of the world…I’d vanquish the painful foe for you! Be well…….

    • That’s great! If it doesn’t cause you (or others) too much pain, I think that’s a great way to be.

  4. Glad you saw that relationship was just not a good fit for you…thank you for sharing and adding humour to help communicate this important message. Namaste.


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