Got ‘Mad Pride’?

The amazing Lulu Stark’s thoughts on the “Mad Pride” movement, which seeks to educate the world regarding mental health issues, and essentially to normalize “mental illness” and bring it out from behind the cloak of fear and misinformation that currently surrounds it. I am fully in agreement with Mad Pride. I acknowledge that it is not easy and at times crashingly painful to live with a mental illness, but I am proud of who I am and proud to be part of the Mad Pride movement. Read Lulu’s marvelous inspiring piece!

Sunny With a Chance Of Armageddon

MadPrideLogoDesign1-300x279Got ‘Mad Pride‘?

A movement called ‘Mad Pride’ is sweeping the world.  Several news outlets, such as ABC News,  have been covering this incredible phenomenon of a world wide advocacy movement, involving grassroots organizations that openly support mental health awareness.  According to a report from ABC News, this movement is over 8,000 members strong.

ABC News and the blogosphere in general, you can make that 8,000 and one.  I, Lulu Stark, author of Sunny with a Chance of Armageddon and co-creator of A Canvas of the Minds fully support this movement.  This is exactly the type of movement that those of us cloaked in anonymity in the blogosphere have been attempting to develop over a period of years.  This is what A Canvas of the Minds was created for, to give a voice to the mental health community.  Now, it finally has a banner that we can…

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  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I don’t always read the blogs I follow when they reblog another’s post. It has more to do with a lack of concentration than anything else. I will try to read it if it sounds interesting (in the little bit that is shown on the blogs I follow.) This one grabbed me, but I had to save it for a time when I knew I could concentrate. I really did like the message!!

    I have to say that I personally don’t have pride about my illnesses for way too many reasons to even begin to list. I have indeed suffered through many of the things she mentioned. I don’t hide what I have — if anyone asks anything about me, I’ll gladly tell them. What I hate is what I have suffered where I now live due to one person moving into this complex and her lies about me. Now I’m classified as “cuckoo” — yes, it was said outside my window loud enough for me to hear. Being sick and housebound has not enabled me to contradict these lies by being my normal wonderful self to those who live here, as I was able to do when I first moved here 11 years ago and God restored a measure of my health for a few years for a specific reason and a season. When the reason and the season were accomplished, it all came back worse than ever.

    I’d also like to comment just to you that I know the TV series you mentioned. My sister told me about it — I don’t have a TV either — and when I saw it was on the internet I watched it. It’s actually based on an Israeli TV show called “Prisoners of War” which I watched on Hulu. An excellent show by the way and I’ve been waiting for Hulu to get the second season. The Americanized version is totally different, yet I can see ghosts of the Israeli show in the base storyline. Claire Danes plays the FBI agent who no one she works with at first knows she’s also bipolar. She did this one scene where she played the best portrayal of a manic episode I’ve ever watched. This is why my sister wanted me to see the show. Mandy Patinkin (I don’t know if I’ve spelled his last name properly. I do not like him, but he is a good actor on this show.) is senior to her at the FBI. I can’t recall why she had to go to the hospital — I think she’d been in an accident or a shooting — but she didn’t have her meds and before she was discharged she had the beginnings of the manic episode I was telling you about. He winds up taking her to her home (her speech is so strange because I’ve never heard of anyone talking like that in a manic phase) but she was still able to work with all the notes, etc. she had at home. She used different colored highlighters on all this huge amount of paperwork because she couldn’t sleep and was really wired (that’s how I referred to myself all those years when I didn’t know what I had.) When Mandy came over to see how she was the next day, she was still manic and had, what appeared to him, colored randomly on various papers. I can’t recall exactly how, but she finally was able to get to sleep and while she slept he took her words “orange turns into blue and then purple!! Purple’s the key!!” (sort of like that) and all the different colored paper on the floor. Something clicked as he was looking at it and by the time she woke up, he’d pinned it up on a wall, color-coded, and he saw that everything she’d marked in orange were clues that led eventually to blue and finally to purple. That was how they’d find the bad guy. I didn’t see anything in that episode as a put-down. Instead I saw a brilliant mind at work in the only way it could work at the time and when another brilliant yet different mind saw the work, as different as it first appeared, he finally understood. I don’t care for some of the things he later said about her as the season went on, but that particular episode was fantastic in my opinion!! 🙂

    Dang, girl, I think this became a post itself!! HA!! 😀

    • It did indeed, and I enjoyed it very much. I don’t know if you know already, but I’m American-Israeli. I’ll have to look that up on Hulu, too-loo. Sorry, couldn’t help it. Are you following my Wednesday interview series? It’s called “Breaking the Silence of Stigma.” Maybe you’d like to participate….? Email me at moxadox at gmail dot com if you’d like to do an interview! I’m booking out in the end of August right now…I’m so excited that people are really getting behind the idea of breaking the bonds of stigma!

      • Yes, I do know — that’s why I told you about the show. We’ve talked about Israel and Jerusalem many times.

        I had read your post, but didn’t realize you were doing a series. Sure, I’d love to participate. I’ll email you later. I’ve been up since 2:30 pm Sunday and it’s now 7:17 pm Monday. Brain is tired. Eyes are more tired. Body is drugged and ready for bed.

        Till we meet again, may God grant us both sweet, peace-filled, rest and uninterrupted sleep!!

  2. This is how I’ve been living for the past 4 years! Love it!


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