A Valuable Resource for Writers

I just had a marvelous and incredibly useful conversation with David Henry Sterry, of The Book Doctors.

At first I was skeptical: I mean, here’s a couple (David Sperry and Arielle Eckstrut) who make their living allegedly helping writers get their books published.  So what’s to be skeptical about that?  Oh yes.  I remember now: they charge money.  Now, there seems to be a bumper crop of people and organizations purporting to help you get your book published.  I myself subscribe to Writer’s Digest, which has been mildly to moderately helpful, at a certain price, and NaNoWriMo, which has been enormously helpful, is free.  Once in a blue moon they host a valuable webinar, which is where I became acquainted with The Book Doctors.  You can tell where my allegiance lies.

David and his partner Arielle Eckstrut, who is the “other half” of The Book Doctors, offer consultations at a fee of $90 per 15 minutes, $250 per hour, and claim that they are dedicated to:

“helping writers everywhere get their books published.”

Yeah, right.  Just like all the other bozos out there that trumpet the same thing, but uniformly don’t deliver.

Exactly how they came across my radar screen, I don’t remember.  I flipped through their website and said, sheesh, how could these people possibly be for real?  And $250 per hour?  That’s what I made being a real doctor.  They gotta be kidding.

So when NaNoWriMo featured them on a webinar , I tuned in to see what they had to say. They had a lot to say, and it was all good, practical, useful stuff.  And as a “value-added” feature, they offered a 15-minute consultation (a $90 value!) to webinar participants.  I signed up.

Then I went back to their website again, and using my super-hero x-ray vision, sucked up all the information it contained.  I even purchased their excellent book, The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published., which retails for $11.82 on Amazon.  Couldn’t hurt, I figured, and besides, if you buy the book you get a 15 minute consultation, FREE!  Wow, I was up to 30 minutes with them, for stuff I would have bought anyway, the webinar plus the book!  I went for it.

First of all, I gotta tell you–that book is priceless.  First I will tell you what it does NOT contain, and that is: Bullshit.  None. Of. It.  It is pure, concise, unadulterated useable information.  If you’re wondering how to really, really get your book published, this is the nuts-and-bolts go-to guide.

Now let me get to the fun part: the consultation itself.  I got to talk with David Sperry for a whole thirty minutes, because I had participated in the webinar plus bought the book.  As soon as I pitched him my novel/memoir, we discovered that we had common ground (see my Dina Leah blog), and that greatly facilitated the process of sorting out my book and answering critical questions.  The information and advice that he provided were 100% useful.  I feel that our short conversation will exponentially increase the probability of my book being published.  Like most aspiring authors, I feel that my book will change many lives.  I hope that mine will bring hope to people who are struggling with recovery from the awful traumas that haunt those of us who have been “scrabbling down in the streets” (thanks again, Joni Mitchell).

If you’re working on your book and wondering where to go next, I encourage you to first buy the book The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published and then beg, borrow, but don’t steal (that is a sin) the money for a consultation with The Book Doctors.  You won’t regret it.

Disclamer: this review of my experience with The Book Doctors is entirely mine and unsolicited.  The Book Doctors did not ask me to do it.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!! As all writers, I had a dream I could write a book. After writing my blog, I’m not so sure about the reality of my old dream. I have had in mind something to do for me — my own book (of sorts) with my posts, things from journals and calendars, plus all my photos — the “real” kind — of my life and the people in it, cards, songs, comic strips and more. I know exactly how to end this book of mine. I’ve known it for a long time. I call it a “scrapbook” but it really will be a book about my life. I am hoping that it will be passed down to the next generation after I die. However, there’s one part of my life I cannot put in it because it was horrendously damaging and not known to any family members except the perpetrators and myself — and one who guesses, but doesn’t want confirmation. The reason I cannot put it in my own (scrap)book is because it would bring pain to loved ones who don’t know what happened and because it involves someone they all know.

    Even if I were to become a published author of my own real book, as I am absolutely certain YOU will, I still couldn’t put that part in it. I live with it every day somewhere in my mind — back, front, middle, side . . . somewhere. Because of it, I have been diagnosed with PTSD. It’s always the elephant in the room when I’m around certain people, even if it’s just on the phone, and will be for the rest of my life. Even I were to become a published author of my own real book, it would be glaringly obvious to me every time I thought of anything to do with the book that my beautiful dream-come-true would have a gaping hole in it that would leave an ugly mark behind.

    A fellow blogger very kindly allowed me to write a guest post and I wrote about it there. (I obviously cannot write about it on my own blog as several family members read it.) So it’s out there. Out of the monster closet, so to speak. I told everyone my first name and I told the WP bloggers my user name. This kind blogging buddy links her posts to Facebook and people there read it, because she privately emailed one person’s response.

    So when I read your posts about Dina Leah, whereas I didn’t have the same experiences and I might not understand it empathetically, I do know parts of it very well. I hurt for you!! And I’m so very proud of you!! We have both survived so much and we are both continuing to survive!!

    I’m sending you a virtual hug, dear girl!! ((()))

    God bless you!! God bless your writing!! May God get your words into the hands of all who He knows needs desperately to hear your voice in order that He may lead them to the place where they can find the healing that awaits them!!


    • Amen, thank you so much, Kathy. I had a sense you had been through something big. Blessings for healing, and may G-d send you whatever you need to get through this, and to write your book joyfully!

  2. Thank you for this post! On your recommendation, I just ordered my copy from the UK. Now, off to write more stuff I’ll probably have to revamp after reading the book. 🙂

    • Awesome! Are you writing something you’re looking toward publishing? (Well I guess so, if you’re ordering the book!)

      • Yup – my husband wants me to hurry up, too. So he can begin his retirement that will be supported by my literary success. BWAHH!

  3. Rose

     /  June 26, 2013

    Kudos to you on following your dream and here’s to forward progress on publication. Cheers!


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