depression comix #130

Yup-per: I didn’t get bulimia from my mother, like this poor girl did. Instead, I got restrictive anorexia, from being told I was “chubby” and being called “fat ass” until I just wanted to disappear. So food became my enemy. I ate only enough to keep from passing out from hypoglycemia. I dropped from 120 lbs. to 78 within a year. Then I was able to get in and out of my size 3 Junior Petite jeans without opening the top button. Neat, huh?

Depression Comix


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  1. im so sorry that happened to you, that people you counted on made you feel so badly. and i’m also sorry that society made you think the people who hurt you were right–that there is no such thing as too thin. no matter how you have been or how you are now or how you might be later on, you will always be beautiful and valuable and loveable. (((hugs)))

    • Thank you Kat. I really appreciate your kindness and support, and especially your hugs! Take good care of yourself.

  2. I understand, I really do. I feel it when I hate on myself on the scale, or when I eat a pop tart. I feel it when I see people considered fat treated as less than worthy, by people who are supposed to love them. It’s sad.

  3. Oh, the scale, the dreaded scale. I haven’t had a pop tart in years and years. Back when I had horses and went horse camping, we considered them the best trail food ever! I had a husband back then who liked me a bit chubby. He turned out to be a mean bastard, but it was fun while it lasted. Yes, it is very sad that people are judged on their worth by their physical appearance, especially their weight. I recently got a Victoria’s Secret catalog and was horrified to see that they have traded in their luxuriously curvy models for shapeless anorexic waifs that have to be placed in uncomfortable looking poses in order to show off a bathing suit. Oy. Not that I have anything against naturally thin people–far from it. I openly envy them. But I am entirely convinced that the clothing industry promotes eating disorders by using models who display only one body type: bone-thin. Oh, I could go on and on about this! I will stop now.


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