depression comix #122

I wish they could see and understand how they paralyze us with their verbal abuse, pounding, pounding away at the fragile core of our being.
This one reminds me of a “joke” that was often told when I was a child:
Daddy puts his little boy up on the mantle, holds his arms out and says, “Jump into my arms!” Little boy says, “No, Daddy, I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch me.”

Daddy looks hurt. “Would I ever let my little boy down? Come now, jump! Jump, and I’ll catch you!”
The little boy musters all his courage, and leaps off the mantle piece into the open arms of his father….who steps neatly aside, chuckling as his son hits face-first into the floor.
When the blood and broken teeth have been cleared away, the father takes the still-sniffling child on his knee.
“Now, why are you carrying on this way? Haven’t I always taught you never to trust anybody?”

Depression Comix


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  1. Your story reminds me of that old, old story about the snake waiting beside a riverbank. A little boy came by and just as he was about to cross the river, the snake looks at the little boy and says, “Please won’t you carry me across the river? I can’t go by myself because I’ll drown!!” The little boy says, “I can’t carry you! You’re a snake! You’ll bite me and I’ll die!!” The snake says, “I won’t bite you! I promise! Please take me across the river!! Please!!!!” The little boy sighs, then carefully reaches down, picks up the snake and puts him inside his shirt. Halfway across the river the snake, curled up near the boy’s heart, sinks his venomous fangs into the boy’s chest. The boy cries out in pain and as the venom floods into his heart, he starts to sink under the water and with his last breath says, “WHY did you bite me?” The snake says, “I’m a snake. It’s what I do.”


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