Hate It When This Happens

A friend called me last night to tell me that a mutual friend had been in a car wreck.  No, she wasn’t hurt.  And she had had a couple of drinks, but she’s a big girl and can hold her liquor, usually.  Didn’t know what she blew, but the cops ordered a blood test on top of the Booze-O-Meter, unusual.  And you know the funny thing was, she ran into the guard rail three separate times before she finally lost it and flipped over.  She refused to go to the hospital though, refused all care at the scene.

And there’s more, says my friend.  T_ is a massage therapist, a very good one with a large practice, and lately she’s been falling asleep right in the middle of giving a massage.  My mind snaps into place here.  Falling asleep GETTING a massage: yes.  Falling asleep GIVING a massage: no, no, NO.  Brains do not do that under normal circumstances.

What else?  Oh, there have been some minor problems with memory, a large recent weight gain, headaches, double vision…

STOP!  Stop there.  My mind says brain tumor.  That is ALL my mind says.  In fact, it doesn’t say it, it SCREAMS it.  She must go to the emergency room NOW.

She has a doctor appointment in June for the headaches, my friend says.

That’s very nice.  She can keep that appointment when it gets to be June.  It’s the beginning of May now, and she must go to the emergency room TODAY.  NOW.

OK, says my friend, who has been my acupuncture client since 1998 and knows that tone of voice.  OK, she says, I’ll go and get her.

This morning I wake up to an email from my friend.  T_ has been transported by ambulance from our little local hospital to the big regional hospital.  They’ve been there all night. The brain tumor is huge and pushing on her pituitary gland, among other things.  Won’t know what kind it is until the biopsy.  They’re still doing all the preliminary workup.

Thank G-d she called me.

I wonder why the Creator, if there is one, and in these cases I must say it fuels my doubt, took me out of my profession by way of my illness.  S/he gave me, as my birthright, a degree of intuition that could be called Second Sight.  I don’t need to hear more than two or three sentences regarding a case, if it’s a fresh one, and I nearly always have the diagnosis right in front of my eyes like a movie marquis.  It is a great grief that my ability to practice medicine, which I worked so hard to achieve, was snatched away from me.

The Sight was what propelled me into medicine.  And yes, there are still times, like this one, where someone in need will call me and I can help them.

It’s a beautiful gift, but a cruel judgement against me that I don’t get to use it on a daily basis anymore.  I wonder what it all means…if it means.


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  1. I am so so sorry 😦 What a great thing that you were there for your friend, though. But I’m so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. Take care.

    • Thank you….it’s really rough for her family. But it’s good to have an explanation of the personality changes that she’s had, and the other strange behaviors. I’m only the conduit for the messages, if you see what I mean. Others are doing the real caretaking. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, much needed!

  2. Im so sorry about your friend! 😦 That is very awful. Thank goodness she has your expert intuition/medical knowledge. I hope she has a good recovery, and that in whatever manner you are still able to use your knowledge/intuition.

    • Thank you so much. The Sight is a gift from the Creator, and I have nothing to do with it other than acting upon what I see, when it happens. Thanks for the well wishes, much needed!

  3. Whatever profession you may or may not be fulfilling, at least your talents are still doing some good in the world. ❤

  4. D'Alta

     /  May 7, 2013

    Sometimes we are put or find ourselves in places where our knowledge does more good for others by no longer being in the place we prepared to be… The greater good you were called to do simply occurs in a place where it can be of more use and better heard. You never lose it. You practice differently.

  5. Can you be licensed in Jerusalem? Or would you have to go through the whole residency etc again?

    • Ooooooh….well, if I hadn’t had a two year gap in my practice in the USA, then I could have been licensed there, but I would have had to do a “stodge,” which is an unpaid internship, and neither my neurology nor my language skills would have been up for that, so no. But I do practice acupuncture and energy healing and some informal psychotherapy there. In fact I have a great practice there. The minute I get off the plane my phone is ringing, if people know I am coming.

      • Awesome that you can use some of your skills in another way! And impressive that you are so versatile. I think you are very resilient. It would terrify me to go live in a country without language or cultural skills (American Jewish not quite the same I am sure) and start from the ground up. I greatly admire you.

        • American Jewish? You too? How wonderful!

          • No Im not–although my grandmom is German and looks VERY Jewish–we think there is a SECRET there somewhere–just saying that even though you live in Isreal and are Jewish American, I suppose the differences are striking.

            • Ah. They are, and wonderfully so. And it’s surprising how many of those secrets there really are. Perhaps your Grandmom was one of the Jewish children who were given to kind German families to save them from the Holocaust. If she is, and if she’s your mother’s mother, then-TA-DA!!! You’re Jewish, and so are any children you may have.

              • She is my dad’s mom. I love how the Jewish tie goes through the mom. Just the way it should be. I think last names should as well so I tried to get my husband to take MY last name, but he wouldn’t budge. No hyphenations for me either.

  6. Thank you! Actually, I am just natively foolish, and jump into the unknown with both feet and no map. The fact that I’m still alive is a miracle.

  7. Wow – I’m impressed! Sorry to hear about your friend’s health problems, naturally, but you clearly have quite the gift. I’m glad you still get to use it on occasion.

  8. Progress Note: T_’s tumor shrank dramatically on high-dose steroids, buying time to line up an all-star cast of specialists: a neurologist, for the neurology stuff; an endocrinologist, because the thing is surrounding her pituitary gland; an ophthalmologist, because it is also surrounding her optic nerves and threatening her vision; and of course the star of the show, the neurosurgeon. The friend who called me about her has connections with the top doctors in the state, so I feel confident that she will be getting the best care possible. This friend is also very wealthy, and will be paying her $5000 deductible and coinsurance. There are angels in the world, and she is surely one of them.

  9. Does your Sight work over the blogosphere? Woke up a week ago with abdominal pain that left me shaking and shivering uncontrollably. Went to the ER but they found nothing. It has now settled on right side-feels like someone standing on me-and hurts the most when I try to sit up. My appendix was removed in 2005. CT scan showed a small stone in left kidney and uterine fibroid. Everything else checked out fine. Thoughts?

    • Sounds like liver. Any fever? If yes, go to your gynecologist. If no, have your GP draw a liver enzyme panel and titres for Hepatitis A, B, and C. If you’ve been traveling to faraway places (or anywhere there might be amoebas or things like that), you need an ultrasound of your liver. If it continues and all of the above is negative, a CT or MRI of the region would be helpful. Sorry I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I think it helps when I actually know the person and their vibes. The above is merely empathic MD stuff. Please keep me in the loop and let me know what happens. Wishing you a complete and prompt recovery, and if you need further help you can private email me at dinaleah at hotmail.


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