Sometimes A Scream

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Sometimes a scream

Gets stuck behind

My breastbone

It’s the one for when

I gave my dog away

130 pounds of

Black Alsatian sweetness

He didn’t like my boyfriend

I should have kept the dog

That dog knew my heart

And now my heart is hurt

And that scream, stuck behind

My breastbone

Has no way to get out

Sometimes a scream

Gets jammed in my windpipe

In my voicebox, really.

It’s the one for when

I closed the office door

For the last time:

Children’s Health Care

Office Closed.

I locked that door myself

But I left something inside

A chunk of bleeding flesh

It looks like a piece of my liver,

The one that is stuck in my windpipe

Trying to scream.

Sometimes a scream

Struggles with my lips,

As I fill the compartments

Of my medication boxes

One, two, three, seven

Pills for tonight

More for the morning

All to keep me from

Screaming and screaming and screaming.

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  1. Reblogged this on Me: Finding the Missing Pieces and commented:
    this was so wonderful, so articulate, i had to reblog thisl

  2. What a great poem and what powerful images. And Im sure that they don’t even begin to describe the powerful and terrible images that you can never run fully away from. Words are catharsis, although they can only relieve the bloating for a very short while. I thought of my poem “Catharsis Fibonacci” while reading yours, as it seemed like your poem was doing exactly what my poem described so I copied it here-




    Hindsight Thoughts

    Bring Anguish and Grief

    Remove this Vile Thing from my brain

    Memories flow out with arterial bleeding

    Flushed out with unconstipated relief, as catharsis regains hold on reality

  3. Most excellent!!

  4. Instead of screaming I perfer silence and being alone.

    • I’m silent and alone all the time. That’s why the screams never make their way out. I think I’d be a lot healthier if I just screamed and screamed right out loud some time, but they always seem to stay silent.

  5. Very powerful, piercing imagery, if imagery can pierce. Yours certainly can. And does. Brilliantly done..


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