Shabbat calls

Dear lovely readers, it’s Friday afternoon.  As soon as the sun starts going down, it will be the Jewish Sabbath, which in Hebrew is called Shabbat.  It’s the end of the sixth day of creation, in Biblical terms, and it says in the Old Testament that God rested on the Seventh Day from all the creative work that He had created to do.  Uh-huh, the wording is a little dicey there: the creative work that He had created to do?  Yup, that’s what it says.

Since I don’t have much time, as the sun is descending toward the horizon, I’ll make it quick: in the Beginning, there was nothing but God.  Absolutely nothing.  Nothing but a vast, unlimited, formless Cosmic Consciousness.  Therefore, anything that existed after God decided to start making stuff was part of Creation and was a creative work, including God’s work itself.  Make sense?

Well, it’s the New Moon in Jewish time, which is sometimes (well, all the time) different from civil time, and I feel good that I’ve made use of it to plant a few rows of veggies in my new raised bed.  The New Moon is part of a new cycle of creation too.  And this is the first Shabbat of this particular lunar cycle, so I wanted to take advantage of its energy to give my little veggies a good start.  So I’m thinking of them as the sun slowly sinks in the West, and how when they are grown (if the rabbits leave us any) we will be eating the energy of the first Shabbat of the New Moon of the month of Iyar, the month of Seeing and Prophecy.

So I’m taking the day (which starts at night) off from blogging about awful things.  I’m really not supposed to blog at all on Shabbat, since it takes away from the sanctity of the day; but sometimes I get so inspired that I just can’t help it.  We’ll see.

Wishing you all a wonderfully peaceful day, whether you celebrate a Sabbath or not: a day of rest and refreshment, of peace and contentment, of love and fulfillment, of plenty of good food and drink, and if you have family, a day of peace and enjoyment and fun.

Love to all,


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  1. I know I’m late in saying this, but Happy Shabbat to you!!


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