How To Tell If You’re Crazy

OK so I’m trying to avoid writing the next post in the Child Abuse series by reblogging other people’s awesome posts. I admit it. Maybe tomorrow I will find the strength to go on with what I know I must do, but for now…..enjoy this hilarious and enlightening “How-To” post!

The Official How To Blog

Today’s guest post is brought to you Victoria Sawyer of Victoria’s Angst.

Because I’m a certified crazy person myself, I am uniquely qualified to spot the crazy in others. Let’s start the assessment, no I said, let’s start the assessment. Listen to me…Do it. NOW!:

1. Your alcohol consumption. Does the alcohol actually talk to you? Does it beg to be sipped, delicately or does it demand to be chugged ASAP to drown out the fears?

2. Your tics. Do you feel the need to count stairs, or cracks or to have things aligned perfectly? Do you feel the need to organize things, control things, take control, be in control. CONTROL!

3. Your perception. Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “who is that person staring back at me? It’s certainly NOT me. I’m an 18 year old super model. In my head, I’m whoever I wanna…

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  1. Hey, I’m leaving a comment on my own post! How narcissistic is that? But wait: it gets better! I’m going to leave a COMPLIMENT on my own post! As in, doesn’t the How To Brain look bitchen on my Astrocyte Brain Cell header and background???


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