A Quandary: Mental Illness, Public Safety (reblogged from A Canvas of the Minds)

A great post from Angel Fractured. I, too, am concerned that there seems to be a funnel developing around this series of mass killings, a funnel leading right down the drain and into the nut-hatch (sorry, DeeDee). For crying out loud, that last one didn’t even have a DSM diagnosis: just a lot of conjecture about a “weird kid.” Now they’re going to have to put “weird” into the DSM, just to fit him in. And all “weird” kids will be watched for signs of impending violence. Dart guns filled with Haldol will be trained on them at all times.

For as long as I have been capable of forming thoughts, I have thought that the aim of society is homogenization. Anyone who sticks out in a crowd is apt to get labeled and hauled off quietly (or not) to the looney bin.

It’s a good thing Big Brother has been a bit slow on the draw. He’s missed some important threats to society like Einstein, Beethoven, Sylvia Plath, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf….but on the other hand, if I had to go hang out in the nut house with people of their (and OUR) ilk, it might not be so bad, assuming the food was good.

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