Rebecca Mott’s courageous voice screams in agony against the routinised torture that is prostitution.

Rebecca Mott

It has been too hard to write, for finally I am coming into life.

I will be 50 on Monday, and this landmark is bringing out my grief and a rage that is blocking my words.

I feel I cannot understand what age is, for I do believe I came into life without rape, torture and wanting death until I was 30.

In many ways, I was born when I was 30, and that is a terrible truth to know.

Before being 30, I live to be what other people wanted and demanded that I be.

I was on automatic, breathing was proof of life, nothing else.

To survive the hell of prostitution, a hell that most women who been raped cannot imagine, a hell most women inside domestic violence cannot imagine.

To imagine, think into extreme torture – think concentration camps, think impacted wars, think constant gang-rapes, think so…

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