NaNoWriMo Victory!

Gentle readers, I have done my WriMo duty for a second straight year.  I must shamelessly say that I am very proud of myself.  Even better, when I hit the 50.000 word winner mark, I couldn’t stop, but have kept write on (sic) all evening and am now standing at 51,327 delicious words.


It’s a bitter-sweet victory for me to be writing this book.  I’ve been trying to write it for 40 years, but have run into emotional snags like near-psychotic breaks triggered by the flashbacks that I inevitably get when I write the history of the lost and abused little girl I was.  Even now, I have written many words through streaming tears.


But this time is different, for some reason.  The words are flowing (as are my tears) and at the end of every writing session I feel liberated, lightened of the load I have carried these 40 years and more.


So hip-hip-hooray for me, and I am going to drink a toast now, to Dina Leah and her new life, freed from the bonds of the past.  Now it’s time to incorporate the discipline of NaNoWriMo into my every day writing life, and apply seat to chair for at least two hours a day, as I have for the past month.  And soon, soon (maybe tomorrow) I will restart Dina Leah’s blog, where her story will be available in serial form.  See you there!

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  1. Congratulations! It’s a good year to win NaNo all in all. I also tasted victory back on Saturday! Now, to make myself finish the story…

    • Wowie, you finished on Saturday! You go girl! I wonder if there’s a way to connect with other WriMos so we can read each other’s drafts, maybe have a critique network? Does that already exist?

      • I bet one could find beta readers on the NaNo forums, or just asking around amongst their friends. I might very well be up for doing an exchange with someone, but I won’t know that until my brain has time to rest. *chuckles* And to finish my story; I might have won, but there are still words to write!

  2. Woot! Congrats on reaching your goal and sticking with it despite the challenges. Somehow I’m not surprised you hit your target. 🙂

    • Thanks, DeeDee! I’m hot on the trail of getting this book finished, finally. They tell me that these days you have to have a MS in hand even to nail down an agent.


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