NaNoWriMo is strong medicine

This year I pledged to myself that I would take my fictionalized autobiography into a different direction on NaNoWriMo.  True, I’m painstakingly writing a different version of it on my “secret” blog.  I wanted to know what would happen if, instead of lingering, crafting each sentence, scene, scenario, if instead, I just launch into it as a form of automatic writing and just see what comes out.


In a word, it’s amazing.  NOT filtering has opened up hitherto locked and dusty rooms in my brain, and all this moldy old furniture comes tumbling out.  I’m very happy to be doing it, even though I write through tears a lot and my sleeves end up slimy with snot because I can’t stop to get more tissues.  The triggers come non-stop and I’m trembling most of the time; yet I keep moving through it.  It’s like watching a horror movie: horribly uncomfortable, yet riveting.


Blogging, especially my “secret blog,” is taking a back seat, to some degree.  But oddly enough, I’m having to take time out from NaNo-ing to write sketches of other things that have especially impacted my life.


I guess I’m doing NaNo-therapy!

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  1. You’ve inspired me to keep up on a secret blog. I think the uncensored writing is the most healthy thing we could do for ourselves. I know when I’m not as forthcoming as I should be, it starts to build up. And then, I end up having a meltdown or freakout as a result.

    I think you’re right. It is like watching a horror movie. But, we keep moving on.

    • You are so right, Lulu. The writing keeps the wounds from scabbing over and getting abcessed. That’s great that you’re keeping your secret blog. I guess in the “olden days” people kept diaries, and now we do it online. I was always afraid to keep a diary, for fear someone would find it. Paranoid me, eh? But it happened to so many people I knew.

      • I still do keep a journal! LOL! I really like the whole pen and paper deal. I thought about inviting some people to come and see it. I just don’t know if anyone would actually want to read it!

        • I think that is so cool!! I used to journal all the time, adding drawings or pressed flowers or whatever. I think keeping a pen-and-paper journal is romantic, somehow.

          Nevertheless I am too paranoid to have one around, anymore. Maybe one day….

          And Lulu, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of takers, should you decide to declare open season on yours! My, what a pajama party that might be 😉

          • Hey thanks. I like to know that my hobbies are well respected and appreciated.

            I’ll let everyone know on Sunny if I decide to open it up. Right now, it’s a Pandora’s box that I don’t even want to go near!


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