depression comix #37

I love this. If I had a dollar for every time some never-been-depressed person has sprung this one on me, I’d be…but wait, maybe that’s why I never tell anyone other than my therapist.

depression comix #37.

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  1. D'Alta

     /  October 31, 2012

    The issue is not whether we choose our dis-ease or not. The issue is that there is no suitable way to treat intractable depression. Would we blame someone for having any other kind of congenital disorder?! No one would choose to walk a field littered with depression’s land mines!

    • Actually and unbelievably, I have seen people with cancer come under attack by people who believe that negative character traits such as anger or **depression** cause cancer. One woman in Jerusalem, who fought a valiant battle with breast cancer and finally succumbed, documented on her (overwhelmingly positive) blog the many instances in which one or another “well-meaning” individual would suggest that if she hadn’t felt guilty about this or that, or (fill in the blank) other non-issue, that she would not have developed cancer. There are idiots who will go so far as to assert that people DO choose to have cancer!

      So if people can be judgmental about cancer, how much more can they feel justified in attacking those of us who have non-visible illness?


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