Purgation: a cure for Purgatory?

In Ayurvedic medicine, the cure for excess heat symptoms is purgation: taking some substance (senna leaf tea, for instance) that will give you a tremendous case of “the trots” for a few hours and expel all of the fire you’ve been holding onto, that has given you anger, hemorrhoids, ulcers, inflammatory illnesses, migraine headaches, and a host of other fire-related problems.

I’ve been doing the mental equivalent: spilling my guts in print.  I’ve been writing about my life for years and years, and have hundreds of pages sitting in my Documents folder.  So I’ve begun to set about organizing them and publishing them in my new blog, http://dinaleah.wordpress.com/ Dina Leah: Story of a Teenage Runaway.

If you want to know my true story, here it is, in serialized form.  It’s painful, and full of triggers; but I hope you’ll read it anyway, and engage with me in your comments, as I would like to use it as a jumping-off point for discussion of issues that many of us hold in common.

I bless you all to have love, light, and peace in your lives, good friendships and relationships, and remember to look up!

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  1. I’ve bookmarked it, Laura, and will read it as I am able to. I want to say “I look forward to reading it,” yet that sounds callous to my ears. I think you have a great talent for writing and that part is what I look forward to reading. What you went through will, I have no doubt, be difficult to read and I’m sure will cause many different emotions as well as memories to rise up in me.

    Anytime I find a new blog that grabs my attention, I bookmark it and start at the very beginning and work my way through. I want to get to know that person, figure out if they sound like they’re real and true or if they’re just making up stories for their own amusement and then decide if it’s in the mental health genre, whether I can handle reading those posts on a regular basis. I also like to interact and if I comment and they never reply, that’s another way of deciding whether I’ll continue to follow that person’s blog.

    You’re always kind enough to reply back to my comments. You are, I believe, honest in your writing and as a person. You’ve gone through hell and yet you still reach out to help others. I appreciate and respect all of that. Therefore, knowing that I am mean no disrespect whatsoever, I will say what my first thought was: “I look forward to reading your other blog, Laura.”

    God bless you and bless your new blog so that many others may be helped by your courage in your writing!!


    • Thank you, Kathy. It’s going to take some intestinal fortitude on everybody’s part to make Dina Leah successful. I’m defining success here as an honest and open revelation of the details of my life, in an attempt to make sense of it for myself, and to offer hope to others who have suffered in their own private hells. I’m convinced that there has to be some healing when we open the closet doors and let the skeletons out. At least I hope so….

      • I agree!! I was thinking, and should have added in writing, that I hoped this was cathartic for you, too!! That hope and prayer is there for you, Laura, and I will do my best to remember to pray over the blog each time I read it — for you, for me and for all who will read it!!

  2. You are very brave, Laura, and I hope so much that this can help you to heal.

    • Thank you, dear Ruby. I am hoping that Dina Leah will make her way around the blogosphere, and from there into book form, so that others who have been through similar experiences might read it and see that there can be hope for a good life still, even though the scars are forever. But we have to be warriors, and warriors are special people. I am just now re-re-re-re-reading The Lord of the Rings, and I so relate to Aragorn in his alone-ness. Some of us just do get sent into very dark places in order to bring a spark of light into them. Maybe I’d better put that into my Introduction so that readers don’t throw the book down in horror halfway through the first chapter!

  3. I agree with Ruby, you are very brave. I am interested in reading it, but a little scared too, because child abuse and domestic violence are very sensitive subjects for me. I really hope this new blog helps you to deal with some of the memories that have been haunting you. Good luck and *hugs*

  4. Thanks, Monday. I keep having fleeting thoughts that if each of us were to contribute a chapter we could make one very powerful book that might even have an impact on how people raised their children. Stopping the cycle of abuse and violence starts with consciousness raising, right?


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