Can Brain Imaging Aid Diagnosis of Mental Illness? (mobile format) According to this article, SPECT scanning lead to a complete change of treatment plan in 57% of patients scanned. Why is this not routine? More later on this topic, dear readers.

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  1. If it’s the same article I read (I couldn’t open the link). . . I confess myself on the fence about this one, but that’s mostly because I have a friend who used to work for Dr. Amen, and he is apparently a huge crook in a huge number of ways. So anything he is trying to sell I immediately consider suspect (do you have any idea how much he charges for one of these scans?).

    If it’s a different article that has nothing to do with Dr. Amen, please send me the link!

    • Nope, nothing to do with Dr. Amen. Sorry the link didn’t work. I’ll try to repost the link as soon as I get some internet access. Mobile WordPress seems to have some limitations.

      • Indeed it does. I love the new layout, by the way. It’s lovely!

      • Laura, Would you be able to repost the link for this Medscape article. The company I work for does neuroimaging for the assistance in diagnosing a wide array of psychiatric disorders. We are not like Amen, in that we don’t sell or treat anything…..just the brain scans to assist patients and their doctors in their accuracy of diagnosis and therefor their efficacy of treatment. I certainly appreciate the support you provide this community. Please forward over your twitter handle so that we can continue to follow.



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