“Conscience Clause” Gone AMOK — Rape Victim Denied Morning After Pill By Prison Guard | RH Reality Check

http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/06/29/conscience-clause-gone-amuck-rape-victim-denied-morning-after-pill-by-prison-guar Assaulted twice: once by the rapist, again by the prison guard who confiscated the victim’s second “morning after pill” dose, forcing a possible unwanted rape pregnancy on the victim. Disgusting.

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  1. I just read the article. Disgusting. That prison guard should be arrested for grievous bodily harm or antisocial behaviour and jailed for several years; how on earth could any human being do something so evil? Even the rapist himself might not have wanted her to get pregnant! I know the rape victim deserved to be arrested for the outstanding crime, but couldn’t they wait a little while before arresting her?? If the pill was to prevent fertyilisation then its not a life issue! I can’t believe this is not illegal! Scrap ‘conscience clauses’ – we don’t have them here so why does America need them??

    • America is fast becoming a country of diminishing freedoms. It is frightening to witness. I am sure our Founding Fathers and Mothers are revolving rapidly in their graves. We have strayed so far from the intended sense of our Constitution that there is hardly a shred of resemblance.

  2. Ruth Jacobs

     /  June 29, 2012

    That’s so terribly sad to hear and should not have been allowed to happen. My thoughts are with that woman.

    • What really hits me hard about this is that once a woman is in “the system” she is truly a prisoner, body and soul. I just read another article about a woman prisoner (who was in jail for stealing $300 worth of poker chips) who was shackled to her hospital bed while giving birth!!! This was in the good old’ US of A, not Somalia.


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